Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I put out this post on Facebook this morning:  I know it's early, but we need to make a decision  to reserve the space. How many would be interested in the location for the Feb 7th 2nd Annual QOV Sew In to be at the College Church, on Seminary and Washington, in Wheaton? Just need to get an idea of interest. This spot I need to know of an interest cause we need to let them know by next Tuesday.

So, now we have a possibility of maybe 5 locations for the 2nd Annual QOV Sewing Day!  Please let me hear from you as to (1) the location in Wheaton, we need to know by next Tuesday.  Peggy is working on the (2) JoAnn's in Schaumburg.  Chris Sass, from (3) in Willowbrook;  and Kelly, from  (4) Sewing  Etc., Yorkville are in.   Caron is working on the (5) Batavia location we had last year.  Now remember, we will also need someone to be in charge! 

Just a reminder;   Last year the QOV Foundation had everyone register with the phone you will have with you or be near and also the quilt shops or locations are registered as well.  They had prizes..Marilyn S who was sewing with us in Naperville got one of those calls.  She won a pkg of batting.  The grand prize was a longarm.  AND one of our quilt shops said, I can give out prizes!  and I have a few "things" I can prize up too! 

Happy October!

I think I'm finally getting caught up with all the leads we got at the MQX show last weekend.  Very good show for Illinois.  I'm so happy for Jan, our Southwestern Illinois Coordinator.  Springfield is in her neck of the woods and lots of people walking up to us asking "what can I do?" ...AND quite a few of them were machine quilters!!  Music to our ears, especially Jan as she is pretty much starting up.  Thank you Jan and Suzie for a great show! Cannot forget Leslie and Deb and all who stopped by to give us a break!

Upcoming:   We have a quilt show October 17-18.  It's the biannual Prairie Star Quilt Show at the DuPage County Fairgrounds.  To say the least, it is one of the best quilt shows in the area.  Yes, I am bias, being a member of that guild, but it's the truth.  I could use some help on Saturday, the 18th.

ok...NEXT sew-in at Prairie Shop Quilts, Batavia is Tuesday, October 7.  As promised, we will be working on the Disappearing Hourglass.  See Joyce's quilt top below.

Oh, and keep in mind the 2nd Annual QOV Sewing Day on February 7th.  We are already in the process of finding location(s).

Machine Quilters who have computerized systems, see me about a couple deals we got at the show for you who help with our QOVs. 
See ya Tuesday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another show and tell

Joyce dropped off her Disappearing Hourglass

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Upcoming Event(s)

We are sharing a booth with Sewing Etc., at this quilt show next weekend:

When: Saturday, September 27, 2014 10AM to 5PM &
              Sunday September 28, 2014 10AM to 4PM.
Where: Knights of Columbus Hall (401 W Main St. Ottawa, IL)
We have a booth at the MQX Show at Crowne Plaza, Springfield, Illinois
September 24-27, 2014,  as well.
October:  We will be at the Prairie Star Quilt Show on OCTOBER 17-18 at the DuPage County Fairgrounds, in Wheaton, IL.

so, packing, packing, packing!!!   btw, always looking for workers at these shows.  Which brings to mind, and I need to start shooting some of this info out and I will as things come up.  There is a dress code at any function regarding QOV.  We are representing the QOV Foundation, and it's only appropriate to present ourselves accordingly.  This be it at a fundraising event or when we award (another word the QOVF foundation prefers) a QOV to a Veteran.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sew-in results from yesterday at Sewing Etc.. Yorkville

Well, it was literally, a blood-sweating day at our Yorkville sew in today. Spoke with Jane and she is fine. She cautions...respect the rotary cutter! Thank you Wanda for stopping in and helping us put the colors together so well for our kits. Dixie Riley, let us know if we should schedule a cut in at the shop to make up those kits. Here are pictures of the tops that came in.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

See you at Sewing Etc., Yorkville or Linda Z's, Arlington Heights

Tuesday is our next sew-is at the above locations.  See you there!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lyle E, Army, Vietnam

On, September 5th, Rich G awarded  Lyle E, Army, Vietnam, his Quilt of Valor.  Thank you sir, for your service.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Elgin, New Sew-in Location!

Announcing a new sew-in location.   Location:  Christ the Lord Lutheran Church,
12n462 Tina Trl, Elgin, IL 60124.  Cross Streets: Between Linda Ln and Highland Ave, 3 blocks west of Randall Road in Elgin.  Our meeting time will be on the 2nd Tuesdays from 10 to 2.  Bring a sack lunch.  The initial sew-in will be on October 14th.  Contact info:  Shirley,, phone 630-377-8418 and Patty's,, phone 847-931-2259.    Thank you, Shirley and Patty!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thank you

Well, you got me today.  I must tell you, it is very hard for anyone to surprise me.  Today you did it!  I do find it hard to feel deserving cause none of this is possible without all the help I get from Each and every one of you.  I looked around the filled-to-capacity room...yeah, 27 today!!!, I thought there is a place for everyone of you.  At any time I can approach someone, and ask for something, it gets done.  I.e., today, Dixie looking for 3 people, and what, we had 5 with their hands up to cut.  Another, I remember announcing we need pillowcases, wella!   we got pillowcases!  Working the booths...Run a sew in, do a demo...I could go on, but you know what I am talking about..thank you.

Leader?  What, like I said today, I'm getting quilts with patterns that are on MY bucket  list!  And you are making them.  Yes, I make a block here and then cause you see how "pulled" I get at our sew ins!  And thank you for putting up with me!  I have heard how you talk to someone/anyone who asks what we are doing, either at our sew ins, or at a booth at a show, the QOV are doing it!  I have seen and heard how you can bring a quilt shopper into our "reigns"! It amazes me how we manage to get newbies every month!  You are doing it. You make my job so easy AND fun .

Thank you for your generosity..going to be hard not to use for QOV!  I really enjoy what I do because of each of you.  I can start naming names but wouldn't want to miss anyone.  The veterans are special and I know we share that.  I know we share our love of our freedom.  So, we carry on and with our love of quilting, reaching out to those who make it happen with our quilts.

Thank you for bringing my husband in today.  Our men deserve so much credit for their support.  I've mentioned some of what he does here ..he's the best!

I hope someday you will be able to meet Catherine Roberts.  You will really like her.

Well, I had forgotten my camera today.  There are pictures on our Facebook page.  I will try to email to myself the pictures I took with my iPad,.  Thank you again and again.  Very special today.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Awarding of QOV Quilts

6 QOV's were awarded at the Veterans Breakfast, Montgomery, IL, August 28, 2014.  We had 1 WWII Veteran, 3 Korean War Veteran and 2 Vietnam Veteran.  Thank you, Richard G. for filling in for us!
Thank you, Gentlemen for your service and sacrifice!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

See you at Prairie Shop Quilts, Batavia.....TUESDAY!

This is your sew-in reminder notice....Tuesday, Prairie Shop Quilt Store, 1911 W Wilson, Batavia.  We have "company" coming!!  As promised, the new project we are working on is called Reflecting Pool, so finish up your projects and get started on a new!

I'd like to share a thank you note we received from the Vietnam Veterans of America.  "We would like to thank you and the Land of Lincoln Quilts of Valor for the wonderful gifts we received.  I know the members that were present appreciated the effort for us and the work you do for Veterans as a whole."

Have a lot of requests for quilts coming in.   Have quite a few tops needing quilting!  So, fill those bobbins and we keep making the quilts one at a time!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thank you Veterans

Operation Welcome You Home invited us to award Quilts to 4 Veterans last night in Joliet.  Very nice celebration: 

Thank you Gentlemen for your sacrifice and service.