Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Busy week

Tuesday, had the privilege of awarding long-time friends their long over-due QOV's. Len and Steve, Army, Dessert Storm. Thank you Lenny and Steve for your service...actually, Steve still serves our community working at the APD!

And people welcomed Vincent K, Marine home. Very nice celebration to be a part of. Oh, and found out his grandfather, was a WWII Veteran. So, just happened to have a QOV in the car! Thank you gentlemen for your service.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Addy awards

Addy awarded her brother and his friend a QOV.  As they say, it's all in the smiles (and tears)

Sew In Reminder Notice

The Moose Lodge, 2250 w. Route 38, 1st Thursday of each month. The front door will be open by 10:00 am to anyone who wants to join.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A very busy Tuesday

 LOLQOVV was quite busy yesterday!  Jane dropped off several tops brought in at the sew in that went on at Sewing Etc.  Shirley sent pictures of tops brought in of their Take 5 pattern. And had a few ladies here cutting and kitting block kits.  I hope to get the pictures up on both here and on the blog.  I'm mostly staying connected with my iPad and very little time on the computer for obvious reasons, but I'll give it a try.  There is more cutting and kitting to do if you're able, let me know.  I also need your pictures of ladies and gents working.  I'm guilty of not getting pics of the crew at my house either.  We have until end of July so my son can gather and do his magic to music.

Monday, June 1, 2015

pics from RWW and sew-in Reminder notice

From Glenda...Glenda represented us at the RWW this past weekend.

RWW in Louisville Kentucky. I had the privilege of awarding 42 quilts to returning military members at the banquet on Saturday night. What an amazing experience for all of us. I felt their outpouring of appreciation as I, in turn, was expressing our thanks for their selfless service.

Thank you for your service!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Juan P

Juan was awarded his QOV last week.  Thank you Juan for your service!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Hope you're having a great Memorial Day weekend.  We awarded 7 QOV's at the parade in Aurora today.  Again, the rains came and went and...   Thank you Dorothy and Sue for the help.

Thank you gentlemen for your service!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

honor Flight request

Anyone available to handle this Honor Flight request?  Please contact me.

Date: Sunday, June 7, 2015
Time: 9:30pm (ceremony is about 30 minutes long)
Location: Veterans Memorial Park of North Chicago
Address: 1801 Sheridan Ave. North Chicago IL 60064
We have 22 veterans going on the trip.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

was brought to my attention

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  Some of you might want to know.....
"Please tell your quilters that they can receive an email each time there is a sew-and-tell
or an awarding at any of our 6 sew-ins that we post on our blog, Land of Lincoln Quilts of Valor.  To sign up for emails, go to the blog,,scroll down til you see FOLLOW BY EMAIL in the right-hand column, and enter your email.  By signing up, you'll no longer need to remember to look at the blog because each posting will appear in your inbox.

When your sew-in has sew-and-tell or an award, please forward pictures to me (Rita)
so we can post them and can all enjoy."

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sew In Reminder Notice---Sewing Etc., Yorkville

Sew in Reminder Notice...Tuesday...Sewing Etc, Yorkville. Have LOTs of those blocks from MQX and I was cutting churndash blocks today..and we have strips! See ya Tuesday!!

PS..  Leaders from the other locations (Arlington Heights, Elgin, St. Charles, Crest Hill), you are welcome to put in your reminder notices on our Facebook Page (Illinois Quilts of Valor) and post pictures.  Posting here...I'll be happy to post your reminder notices if you send me the blurb.  Cannot guarantee pictures as sometimes I have "glitches" in loading..  but will give it a try.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Roberts in Crest Hill

hosted their first QOV sew-in yesterday.  To tell you how much needed is this area, we awarded two veterans QOV's at this first sew-in.  Thank you Dave and Steven for your bravery, sacrifice and service!  The enthusiasm in that room was priceless!  We had people who could not wait to get started, they brought sew-n-tell!   One machine quilter and one in the making were "discovered in the group" AND a "courier" who will schlep whatever between here and there!!  Just LOVE when someone steps up and says...I will do ..........   I am proud to say this is #6 QOV sewing location in this "Chicagoland area" (that I know of).  Two ladies came from the Kankakee area just to see what we were all about.  Oh yes, they are off to a good start.  Welcome Crest Hill!  and good/great job Pat C.  Here are some pictures. 

Did this to show the pattern.  Always looking for pattern ideas.

Monday, May 11, 2015

VTAC Graduation...6 graduates plus 1

Rita -
I'm forwarding a copy of the thank you I received from Ken L.  He was awarded a QOV at the VTAC graduation ceremony on Fri 5/8.  He is a Navy Capt USN Reservist who had been a keynote speaker at the VTAC graduation in the past and has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan at least 4 times in the recent years.  On Friday, he was not involved in the ceremony but he was in the audience. After I introduced and gave the general info/background on the QOVF, before I gave the quilts to the 6 graduates, I asked him to come forward and he was "wrapped" with his own QOV.  He was speechless and very surprised to be recognized.  He received a standing ovation.  It was a wonderful experience to present him with his quilt.

One of the graduates started his thank you speech with thanking "the ladies who gave me the quilt.  I came to graduation ceremony when I first started in the program and I've looked forward to receiving my own quilt since that day!"

It's such an honor to be involved with this amazing 2nd chance program as a representative of the QOVF.