Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Booth at International Quilt Festival Donald E. Stephens Convention Center April 6-8, 2017

We are, again, invited to the show.  I need a few volunteers.  Help us out at the booth. I submit your names which gets you in and you also get to enjoy this show? Right now I need help in setting up and opening and closing on Thursday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Montgomery, VFW Sew-in, January 17

Yep, that time Tuesday, we meet to continue our efforts to wrap each veteran with a Quilt of Valor.  Bring sewing machines, extension cord, quilting tools.  We'll have one ironing board that I know of and I have two irons.  I'm bringing along a roll of batting hoping a few will cut and  bundle.  See you next Tuesday.
btw, the kits are ready for Nat'l Sewing Day!  Thank you to the ladies who took home "homework"!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Please bring your calendars with you tomorrow. We have an invite to have a booth at the International Quilt Show at the Rosemont, April 6-8th with set up date, Wednesday, April 5th. So, pending enough volunteers, I can fill out contract and to them by due date, January 13th.

So, for tomorrow, if you're completing a given kit, bring sewing machine. Otherwise rotary cutter, rulers, scissors (for batting bundles assembly), an iron/ironing board if possible, for making kits for Natl Sewing Day. Teamwork, gotta love it!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

January 3rd, 2017...Sewing/Cutting and "bundling" Day

at the Moose, St. Charles!
Hope your Christmas, Hanukkah was most enjoyable, and that you bring in the New Year all rested and ready to go! We will start at 9:30 and can go until ??? So, we need to prepare for our National Sewing Day.
IF you have a kit that you need to finish before getting a new kit (as I have 2 that I need to finish in order to get a new kit), you can go ahead and bring in your sewing machine and work on that/those.

Batting Station:  we have about a dozen tops needing batting, We tape our batting scraps, measure and make up the bundles to get to our machine quilters.  So, bring maybe a measuring tape, scissors and if you can bring in an iron/ironing board, please do.

Cutting Station:  Caron has come up with two patterns for Nat'l Sewing Day.  Plan is to cut and if time, make up the kits.  So, supplies needed are:  rotary cutter, rulers, scissors (or cutting machines if you wish) and if you have an extra mat and bed risers to raise the tables to save our backs???

I did say rest up, right.  OH, and we are expecting visiting guests.  So, 2017 is off to a good start I hope. 
PS.  Joyce is ready to take your plastic bags again.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Announcing QOVF Annual Sewing Day info...February 4, 2017

The date is set, we are getting kits ready now. Will you be joining us for the Annual Quilts of Valor Sew-in on February 4, Moose Lodge in St Charles? If you are like me now, I can't come to the monthly sew-ins so this is the LEAST I can do!! This is year 4 that I am involved and I am always amazed how much we achieve when we work together. Please RSVP so we know how many kits to plan. Last year we had 28 give or take. Can we top that? Oh, and if you can bring a little something for the food table that would be great!!! Bring a friend and even if they don't sew we can find something for them to do!!! Look forward to seeing you there!!  Caron Carlson

You can now start registering at the QOVF web page. They will be having drawings for prizes that day. We also have another location. Sugar Grove at the Firehouse. Elizabeth Ivins will lead the group. As soon as I get more details, I'll also set up an event so if kits and or fabric is needed, there will be enough.
Montgomery, I need to know if there is interest for the VFW so I can inquire if they can have us. Email me, call me, let me know. Otherwise you are welcome at the other locations.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Sew-in Reminder Notice

Sew day at the Moose, St. Charles, Tuesday, Dec 6. We will be starting at 9:30 and go until 2 PM, and it's bring an appetizer day! Don't forget your extension cords, sewing/quilting supplies. Also, for those who attend the sew-ins in Geneva at Aunt Sassy's, December's sew in is cancelled.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Montgomery Sew In

Another enjoyable day quilting with friends! Came home with tops and finished quilts...We had a special guest. Mr. David W was there to accept his Quilt.. Thank you for your service, Sir...always a plus. Thank you to all who showed up! Here is nor show n tell!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Montgomery Sew in Notice

On Tuesday, November 15, we have our 2nd QOV sew in at the VFW Hall in Montgomery. I'm hearing to expect more newbies!! That's great. If you are looking for a new project, I'll bring some of the kits I have left. NOTE?.when these are gone, we need to talk about having a kit day or??? I have some patriotic 2 1/2" strips if you want to bring along your favorite jelly roll pattern. If you have been following, we have awarded quite a few quilts with 3 more to go: one today at Freeport High, finish a Rotary Club Veteran members and a graduation at a Veterans Traffic Court in Maywood. We already have a list of upcoming events for 2017. So we need your sewing machines!! Along with your tools of course and extension cords. See you Tuesday at the VFW around 10 am. PS working on bringing in a special guest to award him his quilt.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

VTAC awarding

Deb S attended the graduation ceremony in Waukegan and wrote: Rita -"I've attached a photo of 2 of the 4 Veterans who were awarded Quilts of Valor at Veterans Treatment and Assistance Court (VTAC) fro the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Lake County on 04 NOV. Pictured are Aaron and Greg. Both of these Veterans had to deal with significant issues related to their time in combat, but with hard work, persistence and support they successfully completed the program. One of the Chiefs of Police in the audience told me he was so touched by the event, he even shed a tear when the quilts were awarded." Congratulations and thank you gentlemen for your service.  **Sorry, was not able to upload picture.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Naperville Rotary Veterans Quilts of Valor Day

Just returned from a very nice ceremony by the Naperville Rotary Club, and Susan E Wing can chime in with her thoughts. The ceremony included a nice young lady with a really, really nice voice singing the National Anthem and ending the ceremony with a nice rendition of God Bless America. We awarded 6 quilts. Everyone was so gracious. I don't have any pictures...yeah, my photographer was home babysitting and picking up a granddaughter from school. Again, these Veterans were so thankful. OH, Naperville's Mayor, , Steve Chirico, read a Proclamation making today “Naperville Rotary Veteran’s Quilt of Valor Day”. Thank you to the Rotary Club and to their Veterans for your service.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November sew in St. Charles Moose

Note from November's sew-in yesterday at St. Charles Moose. I counted almost 20 volunteers...thank you, ladies. Oh, and that's not counting the few ladies who stopped by to pick up tops for bindings and dropped off quilted tops!! We drew the lucky winner of this year's Opportunity Quilt. Ticket # 713656 and congratulations, Adele J. Thank you to all who donated! Another shout out to the ladies who are helping me with the upcoming presentations this month. Here are the pictures of the 11 tops that came in.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Honoring our Korean Veterans

Yesterday, AVAC, Aurora Veterans Advisory Council, held a special event honoring Korean Veterans. We accepted their invite to award Quilts. Thank you Cheryl P, and Marilyn Swinkin Lichtenstein for your assistance in awarding 32 quilts.  Thank you gentlemen for your service.  Hereare a few pictures: