Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Monday, July 18, 2011


A HUGE QOV weekend that was! First I want to thank Dorothy, Cheryl and Marilyn for helping me man the Quilt Show. I know I met a lot of people who were enthusiastically signing the blocks, taking information about our monthly sew-ins, offering to donate fabric and made it a very worthwhile weekend! I also handed out a couple of our kits.

I also need to thank Accomplish Quilting ( for the donation of two quilts. This was the Gammil dealer at the show who came up to me the first day of the show and told me they would have two quilts for us and they did. You got to see this one--- I must bring them for show and tell at our next sew-in.

We have been invited back for next year's quilt show. So, the QOV word is getting out and we keep getting more and more people involved, makes less work for the rest of us, is the way I look at it. With the amount of our men and women expected to be returning, we might have to think about having bimonthly sew-ins...think about it.

Sure would like to see you at the Farmers Market on Wednesday (West Aurora Plaza 2-6)

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