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Thank you!
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome Home Indiana National Guard

We've been reading about the 713th Engineer Company who left Valparaiso for Afghanistan nearly a year ago and have returned home...well, 89 of them.  That's the same company that our very own hero, Christopher Peterson,  (North Aurora, IL) was from.  As you recall he was killed in January in a roadside bombing.  They lost 6 members--considered to be the mostly deadly deployment in the history of the National Guard.

The Regional Coordinator from Indiana has been putting out requests for RWB quilts for their welcoming home ceremony.  As she is a fairly new RC, she started with  no quilts on hand...I think she's up to less than 10.. I met up with her this past month and gave her 5 tops (she has 5 ladies who have Statlers!)

It is a little easier to recruit quilters when we tell them we give quilts to our "local" heroes.   You know where would Illinois be without our other states!  Illinois isn't fighting this war alone.  I'm hoping we'll be able to help our neighbor by crunch time... December.


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