Thank you!

Thank you!
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sew in Report

Running a bit late on this, but you all knew we were headed to the Zoo yesterday.  Weatherwise, I wouldn't have planned it that way, but kinda nice going thru the whole zoo with not a whole lot of people there!!

Sew-in...ahhh, love how we find out what works for the group and what doesn't!!  But in the end, I think we're going to have one really nice top!  Got over a dozen backings on some tops---THANK YOU, PAT and your "crew"!!  That was just the patriotic tops, I have about 10 tops here that I try to match up backings with what we've got.  If we get them all quilted, we'll be in very good shape.  BIG IF, but I know it will happen thanks to our great machine quilters.  We sure have a great group of ladies/gentlemen who step up and support our troops as well.

Hope to see you at the Prairie Star Quilt Show next weekend.  It's another great opportunity for us to raise money for fabric, batting, postage, etc.

Working on the kits for the sew-in on October 30th.  I showed some of you the patterns (1/2 log cabin) and I'm pleased you like it...  I try!  Which brings up something.   Some of you have handed me a pattern to your liking and saying, "thought this would be nice for QOV".  And I agreed.  So, why don't you come by and pick out some fabrics and let's make up some kits.  I really like your input on ideas, but welcome your help at cutting.   I should say "NEED" your help at cutting.


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