Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Some catching up to do...

Where to start.  For those who heard about my wall coming down...all fixed.  What a way to make one "get rid of" and did I ever!  We even decided to make sure the shelves in the other room didn't come down and with all my "getting rid of", was able to just eliminate those. Haven't found a place for my rulers, but I will.  So, now we really have a 2nd bedroom looking like a bedroom..just have my cutting table in there and oh yeah, fabric in the closet.

We worked the Farmers Market yesterday (6 AM - noon).  Our raffle quilt is such an eye catcher and made it pretty easy to sell raffle tickets. Wait till you see next year's raffle quilt!  It was nice to be back and visit with some of the vendors and people.  Presented a quilt to a Korean Vet at the Market.  Oh, met the guy in charge of getting the Vietnam Wall to Aurora this Fall.  We might be a part of the ceremony.  Can't give every vet a quilt, so, we will start with our current war to those who have not yet received a quilt.  He also hosts a Veterans Breakfast Club and I will be attending the next one next Thursday morning (7 AM!) and make a presentation along with letting them know what we are all about.

Also, next Thursday, have to set up for the quilt show.  Anyone wanting to help with that, it should only take less than an hour.  The workers for the show are:  Friday (1-6), Glenda, Marilyn, Cheryl, Marci; Saturday: Cheryl, Marilyn, Sandy; and Sunday, Caron, Sue, and Dorothy...I'll be there in the afternoon.  I have never done this--sign up for a quilt show and not able to attend.  So, thank you...I just can't miss my nephew's wedding!

There will not be a cut in this Monday.  I want to reacquaint myself in my sewing room :)...That, and the fact with the sew-in on Tuesday and the FM on Saturday and the upcoming Quilt Show work to do.

What I do have though, are many tops needing backings and batting cut to fit.  If you can help, please give me a call.  Would love to have that done BEFORE the next sew-in.

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