Thank you!

Thank you!
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The rest of the Story... and Sew In Reminder

It took a couple days to recoup.  The past weekend was draining...emotionally and I didn't expect that.  From hearing from a few ladies who helped out at one presentation or another, it was the same.

So, we come to Sunday.  I went to their interdenominational service not expecting to stay, but so glad I did.  There were a couple speeches, a fly over and we had a presentation.  Thank you John A (Vietnam, Marine) for your service.

Monday.  Thank you Suzie for your presentation and your report:

Celebrating Veteran’s Day at Plum Grove Middle School, Rolling Meadows, IL.  

Dressed in matching T-shirts touting the celebration of the day, the student council of the school warmly welcomed family members who have served in the Korean conflict of the 1950’s, the Vietnam War,  Kuwait, Somalia, Germany, and the active Naval Reserve…8 in all.  A yummy continental breakfast was served by the students while a string ensemble of student musicians played in the background.
A color guard from Boy Scout Troop 209 presented the colors and after a brief introduction of QOV, the DVD “Quilts of Valor” was shown.  The veterans were recognized and along with family members participating, were presented and wrapped in their quilts.  Students were encouraged to think of future participation with QOV by learning to make quilts as a service project. 
The veteran recipients were most appreciative of the honors of the day.

I had to give a speech at US Foods in Rosemont.  Thank you to my friend Kim who made that happen.    Thank you to US Foods for the opportunity to promote the awareness of our Mission.  Almost immediately I had some great heartfelt feedback.

The Moving Vietnam Wall Laying of the Wreaths ceremony was in the afternoon.  Thank you Caron, Susan, Sandy and MaryJane for  being there in the very cold and rainy/snowy conditions.  It was quite a solemn ceremony.   There were Veterans from each branch of service laying wreaths at the Wall.  Witnessed some intense emotions when the quilts were presented and wrapped around our Veterans.  One of the recipients, Sgt Pat (Vietnam)  was another result of the TV airing NBC News had a couple weeks ago.  I hope she doesn't mind my inserting the nice words she had on FB:  
"Hello, I had the unique pleasure of being wrapped in the warmth of a beautiful quilt as well as some beautiful women who put needle to cloth and heart and soul into the quilts.  I was overwhelmed by the beautiful wrapping ceremony and wish to thank all of the ladies who work so diligently to make sure we combat vets feel loved, I know I certainly did yesterday. Kui"

"...I loved the ceremony even with the wind rain and show in the cold.  It just made it more clear what your mission was. LOL Kui" 

Among the recipients of the quilts was my husband, Gary.  Yes, I had never given him his quilt.  With all he does for QOV, he's actually one of "us"!  He packs my car on my way to a sew-in and he unpacks when I get home.  He puts up with my stash, QOV stash and you know about the shower stall!  So, Thank you, Gary for your service and your continued service to our Mission.  He said to me, well I want one you made.  I said to him...then you will be waiting and waiting...

Caron's comments:   "Yesterday was a powerful day for me. And I have my good friend Rita Pennington to thank. I was honored to present 6 quilts to veterans at the moveable Vietnam Wall in Aurora, IL yesterday. I am guilty of treating Veterans Day like another day off, or a day that a bill won't come in the mail. But from yesterday forward I will always remember the tears in their eyes when they received those quilts. Were they tears of gratitude for the quilts, or were the tears in remembrance of those who did not return, or maybe the job that wasn't there for them when they got back? or maybe tears for the lost opportunities because we have not, in the past, given them enough recognition. I will never know, but I know those quilts did touch them..."

Sandy's comment:  " I could not stop thinking about the ceremony and the faces of those who received quilts. Count me in!"
Susan's comment:  " I was happy and honored to be a part of the presentation."

I think it will be awhile before Aurora ever forgets this Veterans Day, I know it will be forever in my memory.  There is no time limit on how long the healing of these wars last.  Our hope is that each quilt presented brings comfort, gratitude and a long waited, "Welcome Home".

So we continue....We gather again on Tuesday at Sewing Etc. , Yorkville.  It'll be a "clean up" session.  Bring in any unfinished projects and we'll work on those.  I share with you a whole lot of thank yous from our vets as we continue.

PS  Join us on our Facebook page:  Illinois Quilts of Valor for more pictures and comments.

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