Thank you!

Thank you!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New State of Illinois Coordinator

Last week I put out a call for Help.  Help in Coordinating the State of Illinois.  Thank you to all of you who considered co-coordinating the State of Illinois with me. To me that says a whole lot about all of you who are making quilts to comfort our warriors. Deb Lindley, from Marshall, IL, will now be taking care of Central Eastern Illinois. Not only did we get one, #2 is in the works. Jan Schiber Copeland, from Hartford, IL, will be taking care of Central Western Illinois. Thank you ladies.

I heard from people who have stated they will help more...and I thank you for that and you know me...I'll hold you up to it :)  Seriously, I am so grateful for all of areas of relief of this job you have each taken on.  Taking on a sew-in,.... with all the distractions at a sew-in.. just can't do that anymore.  So, if you have a pattern idea, come to me and get the fabric and let's do it!  I like how you embrace a newbie.  We need to make sure a person new to quilting gets a great start with good coaching.  If you need a lesson in binding or adding borders, there is someone who can show you...ask.  Know how important the 1/4" seam is.  We make up kits to achieve a certain size.  That isn't going to happen if one doesn't have a good 1/4" seam.  Makes sense, right!

Thank you

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Deb Lindley said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, Rita - you're the Best! Good Luck this week - wish I could be there with you and your group ;-)

Take care and hope you have a wonderful turn out for your Sewing Expo in Schaumberg!