Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sew In results!

Marilyn brought along a couple nice patterns and got a couple ladies started on those.   Peaking in on their progress---cannot wait to see the finished ones.  Another nice show and tell.  Had a "newbie", welcome Fran!  We had a scheduled QOV presentation...ended up being two!  Mr. Miller's son came along to see his Dad get his quilt but when we found out he, too, was a Veteran (Vietnam), we just had to give him his!  Thank you gentlemen for your service!

 Here is our show and tell:

and a sneak peak at what we are going to work on in September and October.  Great job, Joyce and Pam!

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Jean said...

Great job ladies! Sure would have been nice if when I came back outta the service that people felt good about service people. Don't get me wrong... (I was in the service but fortunately Vietnam was over) I'm not saying I deserve a quilt, just that it would have been nice to feel that people appreciated any of us that had been in the service.
Your doing a great job. And I'm sure these vets all grateful for your appreciation of the service they rendered. I know that I am, each and every day of my life!
Yeahhhh America!