Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Sunday, February 8, 2015

You are the BEST, Land of Lincoln!!! Check the numbers!

What a success.  I'm still counting how many participated at the different locations!  You can all chime in and report your doings.  Like to thank Cheryl and Marilyn for helping us get a mighty fine lunch spread!  The room(s) looked so festive!!

Kelly--yikes, she just jumps in and makes the place shine!  I can't think of anything that was forgotten...Got a little worried when I handed out my last kit!  I'll work on getting photos posted here, but I was taking photos with my iPad and you've heard the story---have to resend to myself and then upload..bla bla bla.

We had scheduled numerous presentations at most of our locations.  Would love to have those pictures as well.  Yorkville surprised two gentlemen---always a treat!  There was a very nice written article in the local paper.  There were people stopping by the shop to check it out the day before.  One, being our Veteran (Vietnam) came in and didn't know how to use a sewing machine.  Judy was gracious enough to give him a sewing lesson.  Art was doing great...what a celebrity (modest one of course) he was with friends stopping in to see him.  Batavia had one, I believe Schaumburg had 3,  And Carol Stream 4.  So, that's 10!!!

So, my count has me at 53.  Batavia 15; Yorkville 18; Sugar Grove 11; Schaumburg had 8? plus Norma ...quilting at home!  Carol Stream, how many did you have?  Not bad, Land of Lincoln!!!!

Now the next count will be number of quilt tops.  Three tops done Saturday.  I know I handed out 11 kits.
Rita...feeling very grateful to be a part of this!!

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