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Thank you!
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Friday, February 5, 2016

A positive note from a Machine Quilter

I am going to post a thank you from one of our machine quilters. I know you hear all the time....SLOW down....THIS IS NOT A RACE!!!, getting too many complaints from our quilters. Make sure your seams ARE together before a 1/8" around the top especially if not putting on a border..... Well, in the past week I received two emails from one of our machine quilters. You need to know when we get a good note:

 "Hi Rita, I am currently working on quilt #2/4 that I have here and am having a great time since I recently moved my machine upstairs to my former living room.
Just wanted to say how wonderful the QOV packages are with all the materials cut to size! I love it that I don't have to make a backing and/or measure and cut batting. I hate cutting batting!! It is great to open the "package", put the backing on my frame, then the batting and top and get started. Yea! Better get down and finish this one so I can start another tonight. I'm trying out a different pattern on each and a new one for me to boot. Figuring out the quilting pattern is the most difficult part. Haven't been on my machine in months and it is great to turn it on once again.
Hope the sew-ins go well on Saturday.  Nancy
and note #2:
I forgot--I also love that someone has stay stitched the edge of each quilt top--no open seams to repair before quilting! Yea! Nancy"

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