Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Saturday, May 6, 2017

St. Charles Sew-in

Brought home 18 completed tops!! I have not counted how many bundles, but two bags full!! Thank you all who took home handfuls of fabrics for cutting in preparing to making kits. Drop me a line of how many you cut so I can bring more if necessary. Thank you Joe Toma for accepting the invite to visit. We loved your stories..inspires everyone confirming we are making a difference. Stop by anytime.

 ALSO:  Remember the Veteran we awarded a quilt to on Nat'l Sewing Day earlier this year. I just got a thank you note: "Dear Quilters, A warm thank you to your organization for uplifting the spirits of our veterans. Our mother, a WWII, W.A.V.E. Veteran, was viciously attacked and robbed in her home in Chicago on Dec. 7. " She writes that I nominated her for her quilt and it was actually, Barb, from the Village Quilters of Lake Bluff. "to receive a quilt during one of their sewing days in February in St. Charles, IL. Mom was truly fascinated by all the team work it took to make a quilt as all the quilters explained the steps after presenting her with own quilt to take home. Truly a labor of love! No one deserves more appreciation than our selfless veterans. It is comforting to know that amid all the bad, there are still plenty of caring people in the world like yourselves. Sincerely, The Family of Josephine R. Chicago, IL"

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