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Thank you!
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Friday, March 12, 2010

More lives touched...

Here are some more pics from a few weekends ago. The soldiers wrapping themselves in their quilts was the highlight. Here is an explaination of the RWW Mission, as told by the gentleman who puts these fabulous events together...

Sailors who have recently returned from a mobilization or deployment as an individual augmentee are cordially invited to attend a Returning Warrior Workshop (RWW) with the guest of their choice. The events are held at a nice hotel away from military bases and every day distractions. The goal is to give loved ones a chance to reconnect. All lodging, meals, conference fees, and miscellaneous expenses are covered at the RWW to include: dinner Friday night, three meals on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Workshops are held three to four times a year in various locations throughout the Midwest. What is RWW and why is it needed? The Returning Warrior Workshop (RWW) is a weekend for military personnel that have deployed in support of combat or combat support operations. Taking care of people is one of the Chief of Navy Operation's top three priorities. The RWW focuses on three major goals - honoring the warrior and guest for their service, providing information and resources to assist in the process of family and community integration, and finally teach and assess those who might be experiencing normal symptoms associated with combat stress.

Subject matter experts lead Warriors and their guest through a series of presentations and table top discussions that address post combat stress and transition to civilian life. These difficulties for the Warrior and family may include lack of sleep, lack of intimacy, financial problems,loss of emotional control, erratic driving, and increased use of alcohol.

Value of Reserve Forces to the Fleet

The RWWs help the Navy Reserve achieve our vision of "Anywhere, Anytime. Ready Now" by taking care of the needs upon return from stressful deployments, which help with retention for maintaining combat readiness.
The reserve Sailor brings both civilian and Navy skill sets to the active duty command, increasing their value to the fleet.

Objectives of RWW

-Validate the contributions of the Sailor and the Sailor's family.
-Motive Sailors and family members to use experience to achieve transformational growth.
-Open a dialogue to discuss combat stress and lay the groundwork for crisis intervention.
-Reward the Sailor and family member for their sacrifice to our country.
On Saturday night of each RWW, we hold a Banquet of Honor dinner. There we present awards to the services members and spouses. We would like to also present each quilt of our service members with a speech.

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