Thank you!

Thank you!
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Please join us!

We are hoping any interested quilter can join us for our next sew-in on Tuesday April 6th. We are once again hosted by the generour owner of Prairie Shop Quilts, Bonita Deering. We start at 10 AM and sew till our fingers bleed! (Not really) Most of us have packed up by 2 0r 3, but even if you can join us for an hour, we'll put you to work. We can always use pressers and cutters.

We like to bring a dish to pass, or sweet treat to share. Last time we had so much food! But, seriously, we really only care that you bring YOU and help for a bit.

Did you know that scientific research indicates that volunteering and helping others releases "feel good" endorphins? So, helping is really quite selfish and selfless at the same time!

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