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Thank you!
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Two QOV's going to....

Tomorrow I am attending a fundraiser and presenting two quilts to: ( me if you're interested in coming along.

Marine Cpl. John Peck. A 2004 graduate of Antioch High School, Cpl Peck joined the Marines and was deployed to Afganistan. He was wounded by a roadside bomb on May 24, 2010. He was recently moved our of the intensive care unit of Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland to continue his recovery. Cpl Peck lost all four limbs, fought infections, pneumonia and has come out of a coma.

Marine Cpl. Yuryi Zymsly. After surviving two war zones in Iragi, Yuryi Zymsly suffered severe brain injury following appendicitis surgery at the Marine base. Yuryi would likely die or remain bedridden in a nursing home for the rest of his life, unable to move, see or speak.

Fiancee Aimee Pierog refused to believe it and when word came from Washington the Yuryi was declared "medically retired" from the military and the government wouldn't continue to pay for Yuryi's care, Aimee moved to her parents' living room to care for him there.

Aimee imitated the type of therapy Yuryi was getting at the rehab institute. In late 2006, Yuryi's father was killed in a care accident, his mother committed suicide and his Shelty was hit and killed by a car. Amiee persisted in Yuryi's care. They were married in a small ceremony. Today Yuryi is able to see light and color; can communicate with grunts and nods; and can walk in a herky-jerky motion.

and as Vicki always signs off: "and now back to my quilting"


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