Thank you!

Thank you!
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More behind the scenes ...

I know I don't post every day and truthfully, just can't seem to get to it. Well, not a sew-in, nor a cut-in, but a "kit making" day today! Yes, someone's got to do it and today I'm getting some great help to make up some kits from all the cuttings we've been doing...anyone is welcome to join us.... I'll start the coffee soon. Thank you, Karen and Dorothy---what a great idea you had at guild yesterday.

We're also packing Karen's car with 50 quilts that are going to be picked up on Tuesday, our next sew-in. We're expecting company---- 6 personnel from Great Lakes Naval Base will be with us on Tuesday.

We also now have a volunteer to take over our meal planning...or at least drop some ideas. May as well make our sew-ins as much fun as possible. Thank you, Mary Jane. More later in the reminder notice.


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