Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October's Sew-In

These sew-ins go so quick. What a great time and not to mention the food! Again, thank you to the newbies! It's great to be among such hard working and dedicated quilters for the cause of letting our troops know we care and appreciate what they are doing for our safety. I believe the count was again 20. 10 quilt tops went to a quilter (Thank you, Pat), but would you believe I have 13 more tops needing backings and then off to quilters! Yup, that's about another 45 yards of fabric :)

Thank you to those who are picking up kits and dropping them off finished. We will continue to have kits available. Also thank you to those who are dropping off completed quilts. Please attach your name and the name of the quilter so a proper label can be attached. If you personally hand me a quilt--put your name on it cause I get home and have this memory problem!

I need to remind you to check the site occasionally to remember size, fabric quality, etc. Remember also that there are more male members in the armed forces then women. I now have quite a few quilts that are on hold waiting for a female quilt request. Quilts are to be machine quilted and not tied. Last night I gathered several quilts that will be delivered to Hines Hospital that are quite under the size requirement (Minimum 55 x 65). I've asked the Chaplain to pass these onto our wheel-chair bound veterans.

Tomorrow night will be on hand in Joliet to welcome 8 of 10 men who were in Afghanistan together. Our quilts will be awarded to the 8 who returned and the fallen heroes will be awarded quilts from Home of the Brave.

As soon as I hear of further information on the Veterans Day celebration at Aurora Central High School, I will let you know. Someone mentioned yesterday that this year it's 11/11/11. No matter---let us by example, pass on the need to honor our veterans to the next generation.
PS. The drawing for the raffle quilt will be October 22 at 11 AM, at the Farmers Market at the Aurora Transportation Center. If you want to be present for the drawing, that would be great to be there in numbers! I am so grateful to the City of Aurora for giving us this opportunity to raise money for fabric, batting and expenses needed to keep this mission going.

PSS I'll post some of the recipes from yesterday as well if you'll forward them to me.

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