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Thank you!
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Friday, June 1, 2012


Questions about quilts for KIA's (Killed in Action) came up twice very recently. A group called Home of the Brave provides quilts for our fallen heroes. I've loaded the information on the right side of this blog for future reference. Barb sent me this to inform how those are presented: Every year on the last Sunday in September, Illinois has a very nice Gold Star Mothers service that is held somewhere downtown Chicago. We have been able to participate in this and present quilts to families of the fallen. I have also delivered a number of quilts to the families at their home. When personal delivery is not possible , I contact the family and ask if I can mail it to them. This seems to work quite well. I would prefer to present these myself, rather than have them presented by someone who is not from our group. If someone comes across this situation in the future, feel free to give the family my contact informatiomn and I will care for. Or, give me the name of the family and I'll contact them. I do get a report from the Department of Defense whenever someone is killed so I have a complete list of all the fallen. We usually wait 6 months before contacting the family but are willing to present a quilt at any time. Hope this helps. Barb

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