Thank you!

Thank you!
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Great job, but always room for reminder...

Took me as long to put away stuff from the last sew in as always and I wasn't there the whole day.  Thank you for what you do!!!  And Thank you for all the birthday wishes---still celebrating  (family today).  My biggy is 6 years yesterday!!!!

I need to remind everyone, cause I don't know where some of these tops came from, that the MINIMUM size of a QOV is 55 x 65 inches!  Just this week I came home with 6 tops that are undersize!   Need to add borders so that we can use them.  One of the problems is the 1/4" seam.  The kits we make are cut so that WITH a 1/4" seam they are to size.  Check and recheck your 1/4" seam.  Check and recheck to see if you even have the seams together!  It adds work to us especially because the kits are made in advance and we no longer have access to the fabric used, so need to work on locating some sort of matching fabric.  It takes time from someone (guess who) to fix seams that are overlooked.  Don't forget to put a running stitch 1/8" around the outer border so that the seams don't come apart---again, another issue for the machine quilter.

It bears repeating that this is not a race.  Yes, we need quilts but it is VERY time consuming to undo and fix.  I don't believe it is up to the machine quilters to do so.  So, if anyone has some free time and wants to help in adding these borders, let me know.

Also, leave a note with the quilt top or quilt with your first name and last initial only if you pieced and cut, or quilted the quilt so the label will be correct.   A lot of these quilts are going out without the name of the quilter and it should be included (rules)

I hope your December is going great and you are getting all your projects done.  I love this time of year!!

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