Thank you!

Thank you!
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Thursday, January 31, 2013

February Sew-in Reminder!

It's that time again.  Oh how times flies!  We gather for yet another sew-in at Prairie Shop Quilt Store, Tuesday, February 5.

If you need more of your color strips to finish your top, email me and I'll bring some along.  Keep in mind the size.  I like to keep it close to 55 x 65 as most of our machine quilters quilt for an income;  and for them to take time from their own business--for that I am grateful.  Not only that, the batting most of them use is 60" wide and that covers the little extra that is needed around the edge of the quilt; otherwise, they have to piece the batting--another step for them.  Remember to put a stitch within the 1/4" all around the edge as you are going to have many seams and we don't want them pulling apart.  Be sure to check your seams...with all the strip piecing, it's easy to overlook a seam and our quilters find holes. Oh, and attach a piece of paper with your name (first name, last initial) as the piecer for these string quilts for info on the label.

See ya Tuesday!

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