Thank you!

Thank you!
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Friday, April 25, 2014

ok, I was told to share this. But first of all I am not meaning to say we can do this, but I just can't try to do something. A couple weeks ago I presented 7 quilts at this Veterans Breakfast. 6 were Vietnam Vets and one Iraqi. Well, Dennis, the Iraqi Veteran approached me and said that he recently came home (it was either Jan or Feb of this year) and his 'unit" was having this family picnic this July...Would I be able to present quilts to his unit? NOTE: To me it tells me what his quilt meant to him and he wants to share with his fellow comrades Well, long story shorter, he said there were 130 in his unit! So, I asked him if we could break the numbers down and present a few and keep presenting until we get the whole unit! So, if it's ok with his Commanders, I'm thinking maybe we can chip away from this unit. Their "base" is Ft Sheridan. Here is his original email where he sent me the info on his unit: "Rita, I met you at the veterans breakfast this morning. The link is a brief article of the National Guard unit I mentioned. I will keep you informed about our family day in July. My information is below. Any questions please email, call, or text. Dennis

So, that is why I put out a call to our machine quilters.  I have about a dozen tops needing quilting and more will be coming in as they usually do, at our next sew in.   I'm thinking maybe we can go to this picnic and present a few (if that's ok with the Commanding officers--haven't heard yet). He tells me they work out of Ft Sheridan --another reason I thought we should at least try---that's in our own backyard!

See, that's what goes on in the background of our sew-ins. Next Tuesday we are presenting 13 quilts to veterans who suffer from PTSD. AGAIN, this is because one person received a QOV and wants to share with his fellow veterans. I KNOW we can't do it all, but just letting you know how the need is yet out there.

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