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Thank you!
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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Notes and pictures of our May/Batavia sew-in

Very nice crowd today!  Some working on finishing tops, some starting new tops.  We again backed a few tops readying for quilting.  Over 18 tops came in today!
Here are some pictures:

Just the different setting and look at the two tops Sandy made---those are her first two!  Good job, Sandy!

Wow, and being I have so much space for more words, I'll make mention of some things we discussed today. 

Batavia Show in July.  We will need people to man this show this year. 

 Opportunity Quilt...If you have a Facebook page and want to help sell raffle tickets, post on your FB page.  I made sales that way

We are looking for quality tops.  Our kits are made up so they'll measure 55 x 65 (the required size for a QOV.  BUT we're assuming you are using a 1/4" seam.

Press---Please press as you go.  Pressing when the top is complete is kinda too late!  and hard to do!

Just reminders to slow down and do a nice job. 

 Martha, great job on the panels and embroidered blocks!

Ideas for the donated stars.   How many would you like :)

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