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Thank you!
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Monday, May 11, 2015

VTAC Graduation...6 graduates plus 1

Rita -
I'm forwarding a copy of the thank you I received from Ken L.  He was awarded a QOV at the VTAC graduation ceremony on Fri 5/8.  He is a Navy Capt USN Reservist who had been a keynote speaker at the VTAC graduation in the past and has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan at least 4 times in the recent years.  On Friday, he was not involved in the ceremony but he was in the audience. After I introduced and gave the general info/background on the QOVF, before I gave the quilts to the 6 graduates, I asked him to come forward and he was "wrapped" with his own QOV.  He was speechless and very surprised to be recognized.  He received a standing ovation.  It was a wonderful experience to present him with his quilt.

One of the graduates started his thank you speech with thanking "the ladies who gave me the quilt.  I came to graduation ceremony when I first started in the program and I've looked forward to receiving my own quilt since that day!"

It's such an honor to be involved with this amazing 2nd chance program as a representative of the QOVF.

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