Thank you!

Thank you!
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Post from Beloit

Vickie wanted to share what she was up to last weekend:

I wanted to tell you about the quilt show that I was invited to participate in. It was at North Boone High School in Poplar Grove, IL and was sponsored by the Booster Club. This year they decided to add a quilt show and asked my friend, Lee Ward to coordinate it. It was kind of short notice for her so she asked me if I would like to bring my Quilts of Valor stuff and then asked another friend for quilts. So three of use provided about 33 quilts and wall hanging. I had the front area right inside the door, so people would see me first which was very nice. We had a very nice attendance. My friend Lee gave me a quilt for our project and then another older couple who had a booth in the craft show - donated a quilt. Also in attendance was the Vietnam Veterans of American, Inc - Chapter 984 from Rockford. They were selling raffle tickets as their fund raiser to send boxes to send boxes to the troops and for the supplies they use each time a plane lands at Chicago-Rockford International Airport to re-fuel. Anyway the men from the group came down and looked at the quilts and John Sommer with the group came back and gave me a donation toward fabric. (now we will have some red/white/blue).

So met lots of nice people and hopefully some of them will come through with quilts but that will be a wait and see project. .... Did meet someone who works at one of the local quilt shops and she said she would share the information with the owners of the shop - so we will see.

I did get another quilt dropped off at the house today so right now I have 11 quilts to do for QoV and about that many for other people and I think that Tina said she has about five more right now for me to do.

Tomorrow is only their 3rd sew-in and I wish you a successful sew-in.


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