Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Monday, January 10, 2011

Keep Spreading the Word...

Going to share a bit from an email from MaryJane: This week one of my patient's came in with her newborn son and her husband is in Afghanistan -- it really hit home for me how important these quilts are -- I told her about Quilts of Valor and she had tears in her eyes and was so touched that so many women would spend so much time making a quilt for someone they don't even know. I told her that we are very proud and committed to making a special welcome home for these people who have served so courageously and that I would make a point of it to remember her husband in my prayers. What a shame that he will miss the first year of his son's life to serve others -- that is a true sacrifice!

AND I'm dying to tell you that Marilyn gave me good news as well. Fingers crossed here, but we might have another group of ladies starting up another QOV sewing day! Will share more information as everything falls into place.

AND can't forget Sarah who called with news of more fabric coming our way!

As I've told you, you make the best ambassadors to this cause. Can't beat word of mouth.

Today, we're having a "cut-in" at Prairie Shop Quilts to make up kits. If you want to join us, bring along a rotary cutter, a ruler (or two), maybe a pair of scissors. We'll be starting around 12 or 12:30.


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