Thank you!

Thank you!
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

QOV to the classroom

My grandson Tom was studying the Civil War in his 5th grade classroom. The teacher was looking for people to come into her classroom to talk about volunteering. I guess she was trying to get the children to understand how the soldiers volunteered to fight in this war. I quickly volunteered because of QOV and the connection of quilts to soldiers in the Civil War. The children were very interested and were excited that I suggested making a quilt for a soldier. I pre-cut the fabric and brought in my sewing machine. After several hours, each child had made a rail fence block. They were excited. Now I will quilt it and show them their handiwork. It was amazing to me how many children in the class had parents or relatives serving in the armed forces now.

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Vixanna said...

God bless you for letting those children whose parents serve now how much they mean to us. You are the best.