Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Keeping you posted

This caught my eye as we were making log cabins this month.  Didn't know how "detailed" one could get with the log cabin!
http://www.quilters newsletter. com/videos/ episode/tips- for-successful- log-cabin- quilts 

Thought I'd make up a "calendar of events"..sort of
August...tonight I have the honor of presenting 60 quilts at a RWW in Madison;
    Next Saturday, Farmers Market---could use your help!
October--we have been invited to be in the Village Quilters Quilt Show
November--Veterans Week, Vietnam Wall Ceremony; presentation at US Foods; Holy Angels Church
2014--a few Quilt Shows and also MQX ( September
and we keep quilting....
**Having computer problems.  New computer ordered, so keeping my computer "stuff" to a minimum right now.


Mariflor said...

Ms Rita,

Writing to THANK YOU and your fellow quilters for the most awesome Quilt of Valor that I received at the Returning Warrior Workshop in Madison, WI on10Aug2013. I was not expecting that honor!

I am an ICU Nurse who has been deployed in LRMC, and have admired the quilts that we laid on our Wounded Warriors as they leave back to the US for either Walter Reed or Brooks Army Medical Center. We are indebted to all the quilters for their dedication, time, skills, and Patriotism! I have received feedback from many family members of our Wounded Warriors and they are thankful and grateful of the quilters generosity as well.
Again, please accept my/our thanks to Land of Lincoln Quilts of Valor quilters.
Very Respectfully,
Mariflor M. Sumait CDR, NC

Mariflor said...

Dear Ms. Rice,
I was at the recently at the RWW in Madison. I received a quilt. I was deployed to LRMC, worked in the ICU.
I am deeply honored to receive a quilt.
I have been retired for 3 years from the Navy reserves.

Thank you from my heart, for your service to our military personnel.


Julie A. Wilson, LCDR NC, USNR-R