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Thank you!
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Friday, November 23, 2012

A "BYOP" Sew In coming up

Just a heads up for upcoming sew-ins (2013)....   It's been repeatedly suggested that I provide squares/triangles/rectangles, etc. and have everyone just bring their own pattern/idea.  So, I am going to take that suggestion (thank you) for maybe the January sew-in....just a reminder here as well---there will be NO sew-in on Jan 1, 2013...instead, we will be meeting the following Tuesday, Jan 8)

So, bring in a "strip" pattern and I'll bring in the strips!  You can find free patterns by googling it on the internet.  We have browns, greens, aqua, yellow, orange, black and RWB (those are being worked on already).  Maybe you might want to bring in a color wheel.  You will need a rotary cutter, ruler and mat because these strips are various widths (up to 2 1/2") and are not all rectangular..unless you choose to work with a foundation..bring in squares of newspaper print or muslin in that case.  With the jelly roll patterns, you might have to do slight adjusting.  It'll be fun to see different ideas you come up with.  I have made up a few but it'll have to be visual cause I have no written patterns.

We will have paperpiecing at the December 4th sew-in.

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