Thank you!

Thank you!
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

December Sew-In Reminder

Tuesday, December 4, 10 AM at Prairie Star Quilt Shop, we gather for another sew-in!   We have supplies for paperpiecing,Reverse Rainbow Starburst Block (thank you, Cheryl), to name a couple options to work on.  You'll want to have your quilting supplies for this (rotary cutter, maybe a small mat so you don't have to keep getting up to trim/press, and a small ruler)

As long as you have those supplies out, bring them along in January.  NOTE:  Our regularly scheduled sew-in will be the 2nd Tuesday, January 8)  Now, for January, just another reminder, you will be surfing the internet for strip piecing patterns.  You can google "strip piecing patterns",, or any other author for free patterns.  We have several boxes of all colors (except pink and florals) to come up with some really nice tops.

Evening Sew-in:  We are on the calendar for an evening sew-in in January:  Thursday evening, January 24.  I've had a few requests for evening sew-ins, so we will be scheduling a few.

See you Tuesday!

PS.   If you have never been to or presented a QOV and would like to be a part of a small presentation late December, let me know.  It is an experience I wish all of you could witness.

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