Thank you!

Thank you!
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October!

I think I'm finally getting caught up with all the leads we got at the MQX show last weekend.  Very good show for Illinois.  I'm so happy for Jan, our Southwestern Illinois Coordinator.  Springfield is in her neck of the woods and lots of people walking up to us asking "what can I do?" ...AND quite a few of them were machine quilters!!  Music to our ears, especially Jan as she is pretty much starting up.  Thank you Jan and Suzie for a great show! Cannot forget Leslie and Deb and all who stopped by to give us a break!

Upcoming:   We have a quilt show October 17-18.  It's the biannual Prairie Star Quilt Show at the DuPage County Fairgrounds.  To say the least, it is one of the best quilt shows in the area.  Yes, I am bias, being a member of that guild, but it's the truth.  I could use some help on Saturday, the 18th.

ok...NEXT sew-in at Prairie Shop Quilts, Batavia is Tuesday, October 7.  As promised, we will be working on the Disappearing Hourglass.  See Joyce's quilt top below.

Oh, and keep in mind the 2nd Annual QOV Sewing Day on February 7th.  We are already in the process of finding location(s).

Machine Quilters who have computerized systems, see me about a couple deals we got at the show for you who help with our QOVs. 
See ya Tuesday!

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