Thank you!

Thank you!
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Notes on the MQX Show

As you know, we had a booth at the MQX Show a couple weekends ago.  MQX staff was great.  I shared the booth with a fellow Illinois State Coordinator, Jan Copeland.  Jan is the SC for the South-Western part of the state.  So, this was Jan's territory.  We got lots of positive feedback, more machine quilters, piecers,  Vendors were coming up and offering us fabric, ideas for next year. 

Thursday night was Preview night.  A gentleman approached the booth asking what we were about.  Long story short---a Vietnam Veteran!  What we like to do at a show is let the staff know about the presentation...good PR.  Well, being he was a vendor and would be back the next day, she wanted it to happen the next morning.  Friday, we hear it not once but maybe it was 3-4 times...attention, please proceed to the Quilt of Valor Booth, as a QOV presentation will happen at 10!  Another gentleman approached the booth as he had heard the announcement---yep, another veteran.  So, we awarded two QOV's that morning.  Later in the day a gentleman was wandering as he was waiting while his wife was buying a machine from another vendor.  Wanted to know what Quilts of Valor was about.   When I was telling him, he had this "look".  I asked, you're a veteran!  He showed me his military ID.  So, we did what we do.  The tears were flowing then!

That night was the dinner.  Plans were changed due to the airport situation.  The main speaker was not able to get out of OHare.  Well, we had a comedian and they announced that they had just happened to run into this Veteran and invited him to dinner!   Took only a glance to Jan---yep, we had one more quilt!  So, thank you Debby W for the video...  I've tried to upload...I'll try again.  It might be too big?

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