Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Monday, October 31, 2011

Demo tomorrow at sew-in

I forgot to mention that Caron has offered to do a machine binding demo. She says, it is a great technique for finishing binding by machine so it is virtually invisible. Ya gotta love all this education we're getting!!

String piecing

Do we have anyone still interested or doing string piecing? Been clearing out scraps and have a LOT of strips (less than 2 1/2"). Let me know.

Have a safe Halloween and see you tomorrow.

Friday, October 28, 2011

November sew-in Reminder

Tuesday is our next QOV sew-in. We have several patterns to choose from. Caron ( has a pattern, Steps to Valor, to share with us. Kits have been cut from reds/whites and blues. You'll enjoy playing with this block to see the different settings. Again, bring along a small mat, rotary cutter and ruler. ... oh yeah, and a dish to pass!

We have a few "one stars" from Moda if anyone wants to experiment with a setting as well. Let me know you want to meet the challenge.

Let me know if you want to join us at the quilt presentation at ACC November 10th and/or the Veterans Day Parade on November 11th.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Today we're gathering at the quilt shop (Prairie Shop Quilts in Batavia) to cut some kits. If you're available, come on down! If your Accuquilt Go cutter isn't busy, bring her along...could use the 3 1/2" strip die along with the finished 3 1/2" triangle for starters. If not, a good rotary cutter and ruler would suffice.

We had the drawing on Saturday; winner was from Oswego. We also presented quilts to Joshua who had two tours in Iraq; and sent one home to his father as well as he too had been over there. What a way to end our Farmers Market day experience.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Additional happening at the Market

We are doing a double quilt presentation on Saturday at the Farmers market. A father and son who were both in the Army National Guard and both served in Iraq...the son having had two tours of duty overseas.

So stop by for the presentation and the drawing of the raffle quilt.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A "small" change in details

I found out that the Aurora Central Catholic High School's Veterans Day (located on the corner of Randall Rd. and Edgelawn, Aurora) ceremony is on Thursday, November 10th and last year it was at 7:30 AM. We will be presenting quilts to Vietnam Veterans at the high school. If you have never had a chance to see the grateful eyes of a recipient of these quilts, this is a great opportunity to experience it. Another invite: You have been invited to help celebrate Hines VA turning 90. On November 2, 2011 Hines VA turns 90yrs old and they're having an open house. Also, we have been asked to be in the Veterans Day Parade on November 11th. So, let me know if you want to be a part of these "festivities".

This Saturday, October 22nd we will have the drawing of the lucky ticket for the raffle quilt. It will be pulled at 11 AM so that the winner will have a chance to pick it up before the end of the Farmers Market at noon. Think about working the booth if we're asked to be back next year. You meet a lot of good people---both vendors and market shoppers.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's raining---may as well quilt!

If you've any free time this morning, a couple of us are getting together to put some backings together. Have quite a few tops that need to get ready for a quilter.

I'm waiting to hear from a soldier's wife to tell me whether they will be at the Farmers Market this Saturday. This soldier has been thru 4 deployments and never got a quilt! If you're in the area...........

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Updates from Beloit

It has been a busy summer and early fall for all of us that sew at The People Church, Beloit, WI.

Each month has produced at least 6 -8 new quilts and we have an average of 10-12 members each meeting. The ladies are very productive and the quality if wonderful. We are acquiring more longarmers to help. So far there are three that have come forward to take a few quilts and one of our members just purchased a New Gamill machine and a second will be added shortly. This will be wonderful because I am having trouble keeping current.

As for me it was a busy summer with Quilts of Valor. On July 10, I was privileged to present a quilt to Lana (Bublitz). Her father had received a quilt in Washington state just prior to his death and the quilt somehow never made it to Lana. A quilt was reproduced from pictures of Leon's quilt and sent the VFW in Racine, WI. I was asked to go and present it. (picture attached).

The following Saturday, July 16 I was privileged to attend the Returning Warrior Workshop in Minneapolis, MN. I spoke to a large group of about 125 - 150 people about Quilts of Valor and we Presented about 70 quilts to returning Naval Reservists. They all were thrilled with their quilts.(picture attached).

Tina and I both displayed Quilts of Valor quilts are two different 9/11 Remembrance ceremonies on that Sunday. It was a nice touch - we did not focus on Quilts of Valor but it was nice to have the quilts on disply.

Tina has presented three quilts individually to people in the Beloit, WI Area. All in all a wonderful experience. Our group of ladies was involved in the third presentation on Wednesday at our meeting and I know for the large majority it is the first time for them to see this done. I think they were all impressed and I know there were a lot of tears.

We are all so pleased with the wonderful support that we receive from Tina's Church - The People's Church of Beloit, WI. Not only do the provide us with a work area, a storage are but they provide us with moral support. Not one meeting goes by that staff from the church stop by for a short visit and to say hello. What a true blessing this is to all of us.

So I think for now that this is a short update on all that we have been doing from our little group.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October's Sew-In

These sew-ins go so quick. What a great time and not to mention the food! Again, thank you to the newbies! It's great to be among such hard working and dedicated quilters for the cause of letting our troops know we care and appreciate what they are doing for our safety. I believe the count was again 20. 10 quilt tops went to a quilter (Thank you, Pat), but would you believe I have 13 more tops needing backings and then off to quilters! Yup, that's about another 45 yards of fabric :)

Thank you to those who are picking up kits and dropping them off finished. We will continue to have kits available. Also thank you to those who are dropping off completed quilts. Please attach your name and the name of the quilter so a proper label can be attached. If you personally hand me a quilt--put your name on it cause I get home and have this memory problem!

I need to remind you to check the site occasionally to remember size, fabric quality, etc. Remember also that there are more male members in the armed forces then women. I now have quite a few quilts that are on hold waiting for a female quilt request. Quilts are to be machine quilted and not tied. Last night I gathered several quilts that will be delivered to Hines Hospital that are quite under the size requirement (Minimum 55 x 65). I've asked the Chaplain to pass these onto our wheel-chair bound veterans.

Tomorrow night will be on hand in Joliet to welcome 8 of 10 men who were in Afghanistan together. Our quilts will be awarded to the 8 who returned and the fallen heroes will be awarded quilts from Home of the Brave.

As soon as I hear of further information on the Veterans Day celebration at Aurora Central High School, I will let you know. Someone mentioned yesterday that this year it's 11/11/11. No matter---let us by example, pass on the need to honor our veterans to the next generation.
PS. The drawing for the raffle quilt will be October 22 at 11 AM, at the Farmers Market at the Aurora Transportation Center. If you want to be present for the drawing, that would be great to be there in numbers! I am so grateful to the City of Aurora for giving us this opportunity to raise money for fabric, batting and expenses needed to keep this mission going.

PSS I'll post some of the recipes from yesterday as well if you'll forward them to me.