Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Friday, February 28, 2014

Schaumburg Quilt Show booth March 27-29, 2014

I wish I could remember everyone who came up to me asking if we were going to be in the Schaumburg Quilt Show this year.  Well I had said no, haven't been'll probably be last minute.   Yesterday I got an email, we are  in if we want to,

As part of the agreement for a booth, the guild is to help provide Ambassadors for the Expo. They ask that I  put out a request to sign up to help as Ambassadors at the upcoming OSQE in Schaumburg, Illinois this March.  They are in need of people who can help as Tickets Scanner, Greeters, Lobby Hosts, Make It Center Assistants and more.  Ambassadors that can help for 4 hours of time – more or less depending on their availability – Wednesday afternoon through Saturday.  Many positions start as early as 8am and they need people into the afternoon and evening as well.

So, I need to know if you want to do this.  You are directed to sign up online or call Kari at the phone number.  Oh, and of course we will need help in manning and setting up the booth. 

"Please request that each person fill out an Ambassador Application on our website   and specific your guild to receive credit. If you or your members have any questions  - please call my direct line is 440-899-3973."

This is how we raise funds for our expenses...fabric, batting, etc, etc.  please consider helping.  Let me know or leave your name with Suzie so I can let them know if we will be there.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

March SEW IN Reminder Notice!!

Tuesday, March 4th.  Suzie has a new-to-us pattern.  If you have unfinished projects, bring them along....   Sewing machine, quilting tools and a dish to pass.

Just got word of the next Annual QOVFSewing Day---First Saturday in February, 2015...SAVE THE DATE!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yes, sew in is still on!

That was quite nice "cleaning up" snowfall yesterday!  I'll be at Sewing Etc between 9-9:30.  You're welcome to call to see how the roads are.  Come when you can!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

While mine is making breakfast, thought I'd send out the reminder notice for our QOV sew-in in Yorkville, Tuesday, February 18.  I get there around 9:30.  Shall we try a potluck so we don't have to go out?? 

Bring along any unfinished projects.  We'll have new.  With the upcoming quilt shows, I have the signature blocks that need to be made; kits for the two blocks for MQX;

So, enjoy the's yours!!  See you on Tuesday. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Presentation at VTAKGraduation - Waukegan

So, yesterday we (Thank you Deb S) attended the 3rd graduation of the VTAK (Veterans Treatment and Assistance Court Program) Program in Waukegan.   

 There were 3 graduates.  What a positive thing they are doing for our veterans!   A well deserved second chance.  So happy to be a part of your accomplishments' celebration
Thank you gentlemen for your service.  We wish you well!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Postings or lack of

I do have several pictures to post from our sew in last Tuesday .  Personal life has  been a little rough.  Hubby with back spasms is not a good thing!

We had a QOV presentation.  Thank you Donald for your service.  And then some show and tell!
Sharon enjoyed this one!
Project of the day

Actually, we had quite a lot of show and tell and I don't know if I got all of them

Then we headed up to Huntley, IL for a pretty large (15) presentation.  It was nice mingling with the ladies and checking out their patterns (I do that wherever I go).

Today Waukegan has  their 3rd VTEK graduation.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Info on a Mystery Quilt starting Feb 5

If you'd be interested in doing a QOV mystery quilt, see me.  With so much going on last week the info has been in my mail.  I'll help you with fabric if needed.  So, see me for information and the first notice which has the fabric recommendations.
PS:  see you tomorrow at the sew-in

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sew In Reminder and Recap

We meet again for our monthly sew-in at Prairie Shop Quilt Store in Batavia, Tuesday, Feb 4th.  Diagonal 4-Patch is the planned pattern. 10 AM!  In case some of the newbies join us:   we bring our sewing machines, rulers, rotary cutters and a dish to pass.  We always have kits to work on.  Of course if you want to bring your be it.   You are welcome to come.

Yesterday...was just great!  You know quilters can just quilt with just about anybody!  We meet together for a few years and get to know each other. We split up (some of our "regulars" were meeting in Batavia and some were in Naperville) and new quilters come in and it's like we're all old friends!  Yesterday was no different.  I recall a lady who had just moved here from Indiana who just happened to come into the shop and stopped by and we told her what we were doing and she really wants to join us.  I sure hope so!!  A gentleman with his two daughters...just awesome!  And my friend, Denny was there to see what we do.  I sure hope we didn't disappoint!

Again, lots of pictures, but I hope I get some posted here soon.  Caron took some as well and I know she wouldn't have any problems posting her pictures.  I enjoyed the pictures posted on FB from our other Illinois locations.  Oh, and one of our own, Marilyn, got a "winner" call.  Can't wait to see what you won, Marilyn, and congratulations!!

Thank you everyone who braved the snow...I know I was questioning my sanity yesterday morning driving down the middle of I88 and just guessing where the lanes were on Rt59.  Gentler  Times couldn't have been more hospitable!!   Those that didn't go out and chose to sew at home...good choice for you.  One needs to know your limit.  We had people dropping in later in the day---so glad you stopped in and kept the chairs filled :)  Yes, Illinois, you make me proud!!!

We had a 4-veteran presentation day as well.  Thank you gentleman for your service.  I know the weather questioned you getting out  as well, but I'm glad you made it safely.  We definitely enjoyed your company.

So, we continue to thank our veterans in a way only a quilter can and witness that it IS making a difference.