Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Good Sunday Morning!

Thought I'd send out the reminder for our sew-in this Tuesday, September 1st.  What have we got to do you ask :)  Well, we have a request for bindings sewn on quilts so some of the ladies can just do the hand sewing.  We have tops needing backings (always) so that our St. Charles group can pick up and bundle them with batting. (NOTE:   please help the ladies working on this even if you bring in your own project to work on.  Some just need piecing pieces together to make backing and some need that 1/8" sewing all around the top)  And of course make more tops!  I've got a box of 2" and 2 1/2" RWB strips...I can bring along patterns if you'd wish to empty those boxes!!!   Let me know cause I don't bring it unless asked.  Listening to my doctor on weight restriction ;)

I want to also give a heads up idea of mine (and Kelly) for our Yorkville group (3rd Tuesday).  Kathy, the lady who comes and sews over by Kelly....well, you remember when she was off cause she was sick.   Came back last month and it was good to see her.  Well, she will be back  for our September sew-in but is moving to Indiana in October.  How about we send her off with a nice potluck!

See ya Tuesday.
PS...thought I'd give you the upcoming calendar and what's coming up.  If you have an interest of helping....let me know.  Happy to have you!
Sept 5---booth at the Aurora Farmers Market
Sept 12 --booth at Rolling Thunder event, VFW
Oct 2-3 --booth at Village Quilters of lake Bluff
November 11 week--- requests for quilts
Nov 13-14--RWW (request for quilts)
NOTE:  We have requests from Foundation that we are also working on (20)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thank you sir for your service!

Yesterday, Neal D, came through town and accepted his QOV from a friend, from his friend, Bob, who also received one a couple years ago.  Thank you gentlemen for your service.

ok, wish I knew how to fix!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Yorkville Sew In

Really like the peg pattern
Pam took on the challenge of these donated blocks
Will share pictures from yesterday's sew-in. 

Take 5.  Great to see Kathy back!

Monday, August 17, 2015

RWW Philadelphia

Back from awarding 46 quilts to some recent returnees.  As I told you, Great Lakes has changed the region where they have these Returning Warrior Workshops and it now includes Pennsylvania.  You need to consider going to one of these.  You are invited.  If you are interested, let me know and I will send you the information where you register.   The video my son put together of pictures of our volunteers debuted and what nice touch!  It's like I brought you with me.   And a whole lot of thank yous to pass on to you!!  THANK YOU!!

Here are pictures from the Honor Banquet.  I know you like these so you can sometimes see who got your quilt.  But know, they too come up to me asking how they can thank you.  I send them here.

I also want to mention what else was going on this weekend.  You all know about Doug, the Innova dealer who is quilting our quilts at the shows he's been going to?  Well, he and Leslie (A HUGE thank you to Leslie for doing this) connected at the show in MI and he sent word he quilted 17 more this weekend!  Our machine quilters are amazing.  Out of their "business" hours, they take time to donate their time to quilt our quilts.  I had just been told we have another RWW in November.  Yep, that means the invites go out to 80 Veterans...that's 80 more quilts!   Not worried, we will get them done.  Thank you.  What a team we have.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cincinnati 13-15 Nov 2015. Contact me .

Who made this top.  Have someone who is interested in the pattern

made from leftover scraps.

Filled Lisa's car and they're off to the Great Lakes for their RWW
These two were made from a box of
1/2 sq triangles I had accumulated.

Tuesday's sew-in. Brought home about 15+ tops with backings. We'll add batting and they'll be ready for quilting. Love that we handed out new-to-us kits. Looking forwarding to seeing those done! Have lots more...but cannot find those Carpenter Star kits. hmm.  Also, if you're available today to help cut and bundle battings..... just for an hour or two?, please come to our St. Charles location.  Moose, off of Randall, across the street from Meyer's.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Tuesday, August 4, Prairie Star Quilt Shop 10 AM .........

Tuesday, August sewing day for our troops at Prairie Star Quilt Shop, Batavia.  Heads up...we have company coming. Lisa, the Yellow Ribbon Program Specialist from Great Lakes Naval Base, will be by. Nice seeing you today, Vicki Sasso.  Will tell you, we didn't leave any too early though.  Caught rain and hail just west of DeKalb.  but won't ruin the memories from a great family weekend!