Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Friday, January 31, 2014

QOV Sewing Gentler Times, Naperville

I spoke with Gentler Times intention of closing the shop!!  So, we'll be there.  One of our veterans called to see if it was still "on".  Oh YEAH!  Right!!  Be safe.  We're there till 5...come when you can.  Be safe!
So, very slight change for the Bethany Lutheran Batavia location for Saturday. There will be a funeral in the main part of the church, so I went over today and they have a really nice room in the secondary building which used to be a school. From Wilson Street, turn south on Lincoln then left into the lot. drive past the covered entrance and follow the building. You will see a covered walkway connecting the main part of the church to the other part, and to the right of that walkway is a ramp leading to a blue entry door. Walk down the hall to the very end, and the room we are using is on the left. we will be the ones having fun and making noise, lol. If you have any questions, please call my cell, 630 234-5890. I will have a sign near the ramp to the entrance.

Here is a map to the church.     Bethany

That being said, we know there is snow forecast and we sure don't want to put anyone in harms way. Please be cautious, and an even better reason to bring a friend along! And please remember all the dire conditions our troops endured fighting for our freedoms, a little snow doesn't seem so bad....

Another Welcome Home ceremony for a Marine---Oswego

We have another welcome home ceremony coming up for a Marine next Saturday February 8, Home Depot to the American Legion in Oswego. Would anyone like to present him a quilt?  Get in touch with me to get the QOV.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I am sharing a Retreat Checklist I put together a few years ago, you are welcome to print it off, and even though it may be more than you need for our National Sew Day on Feb 1, please use it to see what you may have missed!


Two more days----February 1st QOVF Sewing Day

I'm still here.  Have been unpacking (guild got cancelled) and getting stuff (quilts, kits, fabric and 'stuff") to where they need to go.  And then packing again for Saturday!  Heads up.... we are presenting some QOV's at the sew-in at Gentler Times.

If you are participating, REGISTER!!   Any questions, call or email myself or Caron

Monday, January 27, 2014

What to do on these cold days!

                                       Prepare for Saturday's Sew-in!!!
Pack your bag(s):  sewing machine, rotary cutter, ruler(s), oh yeah, seam ripper
Wind those bobbins
Call a friend to join you.  Remember, one doesn't have to know how to sew. 
How about packing that Red, White and Blue fabric you bought and have never used!
If you haven't registered, do it
Print out the two patterns:  Mississippi and/or Anvil at Quilter's Cache
Some goodie to share
Want to run over and pick up some strips to straighten so you'll be ready to just sew!
Call or email me if you have any questions.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Next Saturday, Feb 1st...QOVF National Sewing Day

OK, week from today we have two locations in this area for the QOVF National Sewing Day!

Batavia:  Bethany Lutheran Church, 8 South Lincoln St., Batavia, 10 AM - 4 PM
Naperville:  Gentler Times, 476 S Rt 59, Naperville, IL, 9:30 - 5 PM

The times are given so you know you can drop in at any time. Come for the day, 1/2 day or an hour...we NEED YOU!   The QOV Foundation has secured some nice prizes for that day, a longarm quilting machine, being one of them.  You do need to register by Friday in order to be in on that!  ANY questions, contact Caron or I.

Both locations have projects that we will have available to work on.  BUT if you want to bring your own, you are welcome to do so.  Bring your lunch and a "goodie" to share.  Caron has suggested wearing RWB...that will look good when we post pictures to the QOV FB page!

So, on this National Freedom Day, come out and show our spirit and thanks to the troops.  They are coming back into our communities so lets welcome them home and have these quilts available to offer as a thank you for their service.  We are making a difference!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

sharing a thank you!

Dear Rita,

I am truly humbled by your more than generous gift this morning at our weekly Rotary meeting.  I noticed you and the quilts as soon as I walked in this morning.  I had heard a little bit about your group prior to today but was not familiar with everything you have done.  Your video presentation and talk brought me back to my military days which ended nearly 23 years ago.

I was a member of the United States Air Force, stationed out of Scott AFB in Belleville, Il.  I was assigned to the 375 Security Police Squadron.  I was a member of a 44 man flight that was deployed to an undisclosed location in Saudi Arabia on January 10, 1991.  We were approximately 30 miles south of the Iraq border.  My responsibilities were to secure an air base for flight missions in and out of Baghdad.  We also provided search and rescue for downed Apache Helicopters.  I remember those times and fellow airmen like it was yesterday.

I have recently had an opportunity to reunite with a few of those men through facebook, those are friendships that you will never forget.  It doesn’t matter how long the gap is between conversation the brotherhood is always there.

What you and your group are doing is extraordinary and you all should be commended.  You took what has been an excellent week for me and put the exclamation point in it.  I often have to remind myself how many great people are truly in this world.  I think being in Law Enforcement for 23 years, sometimes  makes me pessimistic of others, but the last few days I have really had a chance to reflect on my career,  all the people who have shown their support has been amazing.

There are no words that I can express to you how honored you made me feel today by allowing me to be a recipient of a Quilt of Valor and be able to share that with my fellow Rotarians.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Robert Munson

Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend in Louisville, KY

We participated in a RWW in Louisville this weekend.  I share with you all the thank yous we get from the Warriors when they check out their quilts!  You have to know how important the label is...they check them out!

I will tell you that the Captain brought up the subject of coming up with a date for a sew-in on base.  Asked that we come up with 3 dates and we'll work from there.

Tomorrow is our sew-in in Yorkville.  I'll be there after my speech at a Rotary breakfast in Lisle.

We are making plans for the First QOVF Sewing Day on February 1st.  As you know, there are two locations:  Batavia and Naperville.   When you realize you want to join us, let us know and which location.
See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sew-IN Reminder...Yorkville

Tuesday, January 21, we meet again for our monthly sew-in at Sewing Etc, Yorkville.  I think we're working on strips.  We also have kits of, as always, lots to do!!  Store opens at 10 AM!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So, good news, we now have two locations (in this area) to join many quilters throughout the country making quilts for our troops.  When you decide where you want to join us on February 1st (National Freedom Day), you can indicate you are going so that we can get an idea how many at each location. Bethany Lutheran Church, Batavia; Gentler Times Stitching, Naperville.

Furthermore,Kathy, is searching for a location in Bartlette/Hanover Park.  Let me know how that's going, Kathy.
Illinois Rocks the QOV world!!! Caron Carlson has secured the very large and bright Fellowship Hall at Bethany Lutheran Church in Batavia (Lincoln and Wilson) for our National QOV Sew-In Day on Saturday February 1st. If you have thought about helping make quilts for the soldiers who are so deserving but have hesitated, this is the time to jump in! We will have more room than we could ever use, so bring a pal to help sew, cut or press. Kits and strips will be cut ready to sew and as we firm up the details we will post them. If you have any questions please contact Caron and we hope to see you!

Here's more info about the CHURCH

Monday, January 13, 2014

Available tomorrow morning?

If you are available tomorrow morning for a couple hours.....meeting at Prairie Shop Quilt Store to cut batting for quilt tops to ready them for quilting.  If you can help, we'll be there around 10.

Also, if you are joining us at Gentler Times in Naperville on February 1st, go ahead and register.   You need to email: and give her your name, address, phone # of phone you will have with you at the sew-in, place where you will be sewing and email address.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

whewww....78 quilts ready to go!

Just packed the car with 78 quilts going to Great Lakes next RWW scheduled for next weekend!  First time I've shipped them...kinda like letting your kid off for the first time.  ok, maybe grand kid cause that does scare me now!

Friday, January 10, 2014

February 1st QOV Sewing Day Info

To keep you in the know: 

For your convenience, we are looking into a few areas for these sew ins on that day.  Caron is working on a location in St Charles.  We have  Gentler Times in Naperville.  Judy is looking in the Bartlett-Hanover Park area.  She needs to know how many would be interested.  So, will you call or leave a note here to let us know?

Illinois Quilts of Valor on Facebook is hopping!  Come on over and join us!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We have one location: Gentler Times, Rt 59, Naperville, IL

It's been confirmed.   Gentler Times seems happy to accommodate us for February 1st, QOVF's first annual Sewing Day.  Address is:  476 S Route 59, Suite 152, Naperville, IL 60540

Now, if other locations pull thru and are closer to you, we can have one going there as well.  Like Kathy J suggested, it's about spreading the word of our Mission---covering and thanking or Veterans!

I do need to know if you are coming.

need some answers please

ok, in searching for a place to have this  Sewing Day...they want to know how many?  SO, who's in?  We're also doing a count on Facebook.  Good chance to join us there.  Or drop me an email.

January's Sew In

Well, 2014 is well on it's way for LOLQOV!  Small but constructive/energetic/prolific!!!

Her are a couple show and tell pictures:
 Shirley "whipped" this Zig a Zag Quilt pattern by Eleanor Burns.  With Eleanor's permission, this quilt top is on our April schedule.

Now, what we have in the works is finding a place to participate in the first QOV Foundation Sewing Day o February 1st.  What we could use are ideas.  We have options.  A few of us have calls out to VFW's, JoAnn's, and I just left a message at Gentler Time.  Now, if all those fall thru, you can gather a few friends and host it at your home..OR, just sew on your own.  They have some really nice prizes--only one they've told us about exactly is a LONGARM machine!  What you have to do though is register! 

Here are directions:
Make sure to send Betsy:

Name, Address, City, State and Zip
Your phone number (to be contacted during the day)
Who you are sewing with - self, group or shop
Email address - if applicable

This information is being used by QOVF only and will not be shared with anyone other than for QOVF. We look forward to pulling "your name" as a winner on February 1. Good luck.
Any questions, let me know.  Let's hear from you.  Are you interested?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

See you there

Come've been in the houses too long!!  Let's go and sew and cut and press and make some kits

Friday, January 3, 2014

Reminder Notice for First Sew In for 2014

I might be needing a reminder to write up a reminder notice!!  The days of the week are all crazy for me!  So, excuse my late reminder notice.  Tuesday, January 7, we meet at Prairie Shop Quilts Store in Batavia for our monthly QOV Sew In, 10AM -   .  Go ahead and bring in any unfinished projects you might have.  We will have another pattern for strips in patriotic colors.

I mentioned the block drive MQX is having for Quilts of Valor---the show that is coming to Springfield in September.  Check out the 3 patterns at ,   Pick and print out the pattern(s)  you would like to make.  I'm planning on bringing along some yardage for these blocks.  We could make up some kits for these.

Again, check this blog or our Facebook page to check for any cancellation due to weather conditions.  Stay warm!!!  See you on Tuesday.