Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Saturday, November 28, 2015

November-and Sew-in Reminder Notice

A couple awardings to report.  Had the honor of attending the I had the honor and privilege to attend the Aurora Veterans Advisory Council meeting. We awarded Nina P, Juan R, Scott R, and Dale A their much deserved Quilts of Valor. Thank you for your service to our Nation and your continued service to our Veterans. I will return to award the remaining members who have not received their Quilts of Valor.

And then yesterday Ron B, my husband's barber, received his.

An opportune time remind you of our monthly sew-in Tuesday, Prairie Shop Quilt, Batavia.  We have a special guest coming to receive his quilt.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

LOLQOV-Elgin Sew in

Busy time at Elgin's sew-in.  We were so pleased to honor veterans Eileen and Maria with wrapping a quilt for each and hear their stories of service.  Thank you ladies for your service!

Yesterday's sew-in, Yorkville! Nothing better than sewing with friends on a dreary, wet day! Had a nice show n tell from Mary K.. Another newbie, welcome Cheryl. Want to throw this out...January's sew-ins I'd like to bring in a box of fabric, you bring your patterns, or if you'd like to do one that we have done in the past, let me know and I'll bring along my HEAVY bag of patterns. Here is what came in.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Veterans week

Been a very busy month so far...can't tell by my lack of time to get to posting, right.  Well, my week started off with burying my uncle.   He enlisted in the Army Air Corp in Dec. 1939. He served in the Pacific Theater with the Third Photo Reconnaissance Squadron as flight engineer on B29s flying over Japan. Flying 19 missions, he received, among other awards, the Air Medal with one Oakleaf cluster. As a reservist in the US Air Force, he was recalled during the Korean War, flying B36s. After discharge, he stayed in the active reserves participating in monthly training sessions,retiring as a Lt Col. Interment of the cremains, with military honors, took place at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, Elwood, Il . One of the reasons I do what I do! And a Veterans Day thank you to my brothers (Marine, Army) and husband, Navy (Vietnam)

Cheryl P awarded a quilt at Plank JR HS.  Wayne L, US Army.   Quilt made by Christine T.  It was a lovely quilt.  (sorry, having trouble downloading the photo.  NOTE:  Usually, if a photo is just sent directly to my email I don't have any problems).

LOLQOV-Elgin ladies were present in the awarding of Susan M, Army;  Lynne C, Army; right is Cindy R, National Guard.  Now, this picture was sent directly, but don't know why I can't download.

LOLQOV-St. Charles awarded 12 on Veterans Day evening.

Had the honor to be at the West Aurora High School Veterans Assembly this morning. Impressive! music, band, ROTC, bagpipes, choirs! They honored two Veterans, but one fell last night and couldn't attend. So, we wrapped Arthur S, WWII US Army. Thank you sir for your service! PS... he was our 300th quilt awarded this year so far.

LOLQOV-Arlington Heights has a couple to award on Sunday at  Glenda has one to award on Sunday, and  then at the Aurora Veterans Council on Thursday evening.

PS... That "lack of time"....well, hubby had knee replacement surgery.  Thank you for your calls and emails.  He's doing much better.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Someone had asked me for quilts for an awarding this week and I told them I wouldn't know until END of this week if I would have enough.  Email me...I don't remember the amount you needed....binders have been VERY busy!

PS..  Thank you for your emails, phone calls regarding Gary.   Hoping to get him home today.