Thank you!

Thank you!
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Friday, December 29, 2017

Sew-in reminder notice and a Save The Date!!

 We have a sew-in this Tuesday, January 2nd!! Moose Lodge, and we start around 9:30 (ish).  Will you be there!!

AND, Saturday, February 3rd is National Sew Day!
This will be a fun and exciting day as quilters from across our nation come together to sew for Quilts of Valor! There will be prizes awarded all day to registered attendees. So, do not miss out on this fun sewing day, register to be a part of this wonderful day!


Friday, December 1, 2017

Tuesday, Dec 5, Moose Lodge, St. Charles

is the location of our Cut-in/kitting day.  We start at 9:30-???  It's also our potluck day.  Bring a dish and know that paper plates, napkins and silverware is covered.

We will be cutting and kitting that day, so no need to schlep the sewing machines!  We need your rotary cutters, mats, rulers and those who have the cutting machines along with dies (with your names on them, of course) and a few irons and ironing boards.  If you have a pattern you'd like us to try, figure it out with the required measurements (minimum 58 x 68  with a 55 x 65 finished) and let me know so I can bring along enough fabric.  If you're not comfortable cutting, we could use pressers and people to count the pieces (kitting) for each kit.
See you Tuesday~