Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Couple quilt shows we're participating in

There are a couple quilt shows coming up where we have been invited to have a booth:  Riverwalk Quilters (May 11-12)'s their first show;  and I believe our fourth year at the Batavia Quilt Show  (July 19 - 21).

I do not know yet how many helpers I will be able to have at the show in Naperville (check out the hours and let me know if you are interested and I'll let you know what I find out as to how many; but for the Batavia Show I need your help.  My nephew is getting married that Saturday ...he's also my god son, so if you could help especially on Saturday and Sunday, that would be appreciated.

Also, it is very hard to keep up with all the cutting needed to make up kits for our sew ins.  We have been meeting every other Monday at Sewing Etc, Yorkville, to cut.  Could really use your help or give me a call and pick up a bag of scraps and cut at home.

Also, sign up at the site and see if you can help at these occasions and present a quilt to a returning warrier.

See ya Monday

Monday, April 22, 2013

AnotherWelcome You Home---Sunday

There is going to be another Welcome you Home ceremony.    Anyone wishing to attend and present a quilt, let me know.  These are priceless.  Check out their website on the right of this blog for future homecomings. 

Briefing: 12:45pm   ETA: 1:00PM

Staging Location: Home Depot, 2920 Audrey Avenue, Naperville, IL (Rt 59 & 75th St) where we will await our Hero to escort him to a party being held in his honor at his family home.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

As promised.. Bethlehem Lutheran Church Sew In

These pictures were sent to me from the sew-in last Saturday.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Thanks for checking on me!

Certainly need all the help I can get!

Suzie mentioned I wasn't specific as to where we were going to gather and do backings and batting-taping.   We will meet at Prairie Shop Quilts.  Kinda give me an idea who all will be there and I'll know how much to bring.  Again, we should be done by noon...that's what I'm telling Gary :)

As long as I'm here, let me share another thank you note we got: "Just want to let you know how much the 19th Judicial Circuit appreciates your support.  We are so happy to have you participate in our Veteran's Treatment and Assistance Court.  Your work and the work of all who participate in the Quilts of Valor is greatly appreciated.  You made our first graduation a success for your work."


Thursday, April 18, 2013


In talking with Bill, the recipient of a QOV last Saturday, the subject of no last names on our labels came up.  He understood completely.  I asked him if he could put it in writing the explanation of why to answer the question I get repeatedly, why we are not allowed to put last names on the quilts.  Not only for VA hospitals, he told me.  This is how he put it:

    For the military, personal identifiable information (PII) must be safeguarded.  PII can consist of, but is not limited to full name, rank/title, social security number, telephone number, address and/or any individual item of information that can distinguish one person from another.

    PII is safeguarded to prevent identity theft, individual targeting, harassment.

    While it is sad that we have to practice this level of operational security on the homefront, bad people normally take the path of least resistance to accomplish their goals.

Thank you, Bill.

Tuesday, April 23rd... Backing/Batting

ok, we have a date:  If you can, come in to help making up backings and piece batting this coming Tuesday, April 23rd.  Shop opens at 10 AM.  I'm thinking we could be done by noon!

Thank you.

Started building your Ark?

Wow, are we ever getting soaked!  My prayer is that we don't lose our power.

Had a nice sew-in on Tuesday.  Would you believe I just finished unpacking!  Had two people start Pat Sloan's pattern, traffic jam.  Can't wait to see those in the patriotic colors!  I'm happy to say that last night I finished the last of the 14 tops that needed labels.  Also some of the ladies are finishing up their string quilts---looking very nice.  I have an idea for our next session of string piecing.  If you get Martingale emails, Stitch This, they have an "amazing strip-quilting design" featuring the book:  Accent on Angles.  Google that title and look!

We're working on a date to do more backings.  I got a donation of batting that are these craft size packages. So, if you can help me tape them to size needed, I would appreciate it.  As you know, Tuesdays work for me, and I believe the next two Tuesdays are free.  So, if it'll work for you, stay tuned.

Also, Paul sent me the photos taken at the sew-in on Saturday in Elgin.  " photos on our BLC website which may be of interest to you.The following link ( will get you there.  I got a real nice thank you from Bill, one of the recipients of a QOV:

I can’t thank you enough for my Quilt Of Valor.  I am very humbled.  As I said in my speech, most personnel, don’t get a chance to meet or thank the people involved with their Quilt of Valor.  We just know that someone, somewhere, cared enough about us to dedicate the time and resources to give us a bit of comfort, warmth and protection.
Rita, I feel very fortunate to have met you, thank you for what you, and those who stand with you, do.  Though I only know her as Nancy G.  of St. Charles, please extend my gratitude to her for the beautiful Quilt of Valor.  While I know that I may never meet her, I will remember her.  Thank you Nancy G.!

I share this thank you with you as I know I couldn't do it without you!  I wrote him and told him there were many hands in making that quilt.  Karen L---look at your applique stars!   Thank you  also for all the help in cutting up our scraps!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Happenings/presentations

With the help of Cheryl P, LOLQOV was in two places yesterday.  I attended a QOV Sew-In  in Elgin which was a combination of 6 churches "Joining Hands In Gratitude".  The day was started with an inspirational church service and then the work of putting together quilt tops, pillowcases, and note cards.  Three rooms of some wonderful people (all ages, btw) working together thanking our veterans and servicemen and women!!  We had two presentations:  One was to a WWII  WAC veteran and Bill L who shared his "quilt" story.  Oh, and we got our 2nd Medallion.. remind me to show it to you. I've been promised pictures and will post those later.  Shirley P---what a great job you did!!

Cheryl, attended a Welcome You Home ceremony for Lt Col David C. in Naperville.  And I hope to get her write up as well, but here are a few pictures.
 Cheryl in the flag line

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cut In Monday

Hope to get a few people to come in next Monday to cut at Sewing Etc., Yorkville.  I'll be there around 9:30 and we only stay for a few hours.  With the two monthly sew-ins, I really need  your help in getting the "kits" ready.  We meet every other Monday and it goes quick.

I also need to further mention about yesterday's post.  If you want the new-to-us pattern, Traffic Jam, go to that website and print out your pattern.  We are SO fortunate to have the generosity of two shop owners to take up the space in their shop, I really don't feel it's right to ask them to stop and make a copy, to borrow this and that.  Remember it's still a business and they need to be there for their incoming customers...PLEASE!!  Also, it's been brought up about parking.  We shouldn't take prime spots either.  Drop off your machine and just move the car.  Most of us are happy to help each other.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yorkville Sew In, next Tuesday, April 16

We meet at 10 AM and sew until.....  IF you cannot make it at 10, come when you can.  We need sewing machines, rulers, rotary cutters!!  I am going to ask for help in cutting up our scraps. 

I have obtained permission from Pat Sloan for use of her pattern, Traffic Jam.  She would like for each person to print their own pattern.  "It will be on my website soon.. but you can send them to this link to the online newsletter for the next 2 weeks."       I like that pattern---a real stash buster!

We also have the blocks that were made up at the Sewing and Quilt Expo last weekend..need to square them up and put them together. 

So, with a dish to pass, see ya on Tuesday.  Again, if anyone needs any certain strip color to finish up their string piecing top, let me know.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Need volunteer(s) to do some presentations

We have local presentations thru the Operation Welcome You Home organization.  i.e., there is another one this Saturday and I can't make it cause I'm going to be up in Elgin with Shirley at a sew-in.  If you get yourself on the Operation Welcome You Home website, you get notified all the time when and where the next ceremony is.  See if this works:
  This ceremony is also VERY impressive and what a way to just hand a newly returned hero home with one of our quilts.  If you are interested in doing this and can start this Saturday, let me know.  Their website is also on this blog along the right hand side.  I think this can be open to several people, so don't assume someone else can do it.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saturday's presentation

Once he got his quilt he wouldn't let go!!
 Coach Cheryl with her two rookies

a couple presentations

We had a couple impromptu presentations at the booth this weekend.  Here is one of the Vietnam Vets:
Had a few kids sewing in the both.  There were first timers...Grandma watched.  If I knew how to flip the picture I would

Saturday, April 6, 2013


I'm not going to bed without thanking each and everyone of you who helped at the show.  We were busy!!!  I hope you enjoyed yourself...I think I'll feel more enjoyment when I get some rest.  Thank you

Day 2 at the show

Day two was very tiring, but very worth it.  What an experience!  Marianne Fons was with us today and she is quite a down-to-earth lady!  Another treat to the booth today was the sight of Ebony Love---the Accuquilt expert!

Here are some pictures Cheryl passed on:

For more pictures of the show, lets see if this attachment from Cheryl P works:

Friday, April 5, 2013

Day one at the show

Here are a few pictures sent by Cheryl of the show yesterday.  What a busy booth we had and Thursdays are usually the slowest day of the weekend. 
 Some of our finished blocks:

The Make It booth where people walked in and made a block.  The sewing machines were pretty busy!

PS.   Anyone find a camera ..maybe from the last sew-in?  Mom always said, I'd lose my head if it weren't attached :(

Thursday, April 4, 2013

We're ready

This is the "set up" crew:
Day one of the show!  We got there to find out we had double the size booth I was expecting.   They also had tables in our booth and I wondered what that was about too. Guess we have access to 3 sewing machines all day making blocks plus the few in the Make It booth from 2-5 PM.  hmmm, wonder if next time we can have access to a longarm machine !!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


It's been one busy week!  Monday, got a lot cut at the quilt shop.  Tuesday's sew-in....trying to come up with a word...phenomenol!  We needed borders added to quilts that were undersize and backings to the tops to get ready for our machine quilters.  WE DID IT!  I think there were over 25 tops readied yesterday.  I came home with a few cause we ran out of fabric!  Can't stop bragging about the wonderful group we have.

So, today, we are setting up for the show.  The show runs Thursday thru Saturday.  That's the Sewing and Quilting Expo at the Schaumburg Convention Center, 1551 N Thoreau Drive.  See you there.