Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thank you, Terri and Sew-In reminder notice

Just picked up a very generous fabric donation from Terri D...ALL COLOR SORTED!!!   Our sorters and folders will appreciate this....I know I do :)

AND we have our May sewing day coming up in Batavia at Prairie Shop Quilt Store.  Tuesday, May 5.  Now, I am planning on bringing some patriotic strips.... all trimmed, thank you, Sandy P!!!  Find a pattern, bring it along.  You might want to figure out how many strips you will need....KNOWING we have fewer red than blues.   Adapt your pattern to be pieced 57 x 67 (finished 55 x 65) and we're good!

See you Tuesday!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thank you

Thank you, Judges of the 19th Judicial Circuit  Lake County for your Liberty Bell Award.  As was said, it's a group effort!  I am proud of our 5 (almost 6) sewing locations, each contributing to covering our veterans thanking them for their bravery, sacrifice and service.  It is our honor and privilege!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

QOV sewing day at Sew Generously, St. Charles

blocks we were putting together
Sew Generously hosted a sewing day yesterday.  The pouring rain outside did not detour a nice showing.  We went on and worked on making blocks after an informational "session".  Thank you Sew Generously for your hospitality!  It was fun.  Here are pictures they shared with us:
good to see you back, Patty

Friday, April 24, 2015

What is VTAK

I've been asked what is VTAK..  

Neighbors to the north of us, Waukegan in Lake County, have a program called VTAC (Veterans Treatment and Assistance Court).  Veterans charged with non-violent offenses that are probationable are eligible for VTAC.  This program is a way to keep veterans out of the regular court system and connect them with treatment.  If he/she successfully complies with conditions VTEC imposes, such as completing substance abuse treatment, the case can be dismissed.  We have become a part of their graduation ceremony..They have 6 graduating in April.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tuesday's Sew in (Yorkville)

Very busy and very productive day Tuesday.  We "backed" and "batted" and kitted!   18 tops ready for the quilter!   By the way, we have lots of quilts ready to be bound and more coming next weekend,  Here are pictures of some of the tops.

See post on this weekend's event at Sew Generously.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Liberty Bell Award....Congrats to all of you!!!

ok, I've known about this for over a month and been told repeatedly to share with you.  I am accepting this on behalf of all of you!  I've said repeatedly, I could never do this alone and I am honored to be amongst you!  Thank you for what you do.  Quite an honor for "us" and if you'd like to attend, you are more than welcome!

Chief Judge John T. Phillips is pleased to announce that the 2015 Liberty Bell Awards will be presented to Rita Pennington (individual award) and to the Affordable Housing Corporation of Lake County (organization award).
This year’s Liberty Bell Individual Award will be bestowed by the 19th Judicial Circuit upon Mrs. Rita Pennington, who started the Land of Lincoln Quilts of Valor [QOV] program in 2004. Mrs. Pennington through her work with QOV has graciously presented over 20 quilts to 19th Judicial Circuit Veterans Treatment and Assistance Court graduates and guests. In addition, she has tirelessly donated her time and has organized monthly sew-ins and Quilts of Valor presentations for veterans statewide, including the gift of numerous quilts to returning military personnel at Great Lakes Naval Base in North Chicago. Rita Pennington has passionately devoted herself to honoring returning veterans and to the enhancement of the court’s Veterans Treatment and Assistance Court since its beginning. The presentation of the quilts during the graduation ceremony is always a poignant moment for the vets and all who witness it. Mrs. Pennington’s commitment demonstrates her outstanding sense of civic responsibility and her generous dedication to our veterans and our community...........
  Originated in Michigan in the ‘60’s, the Liberty Bell Award is given to individuals and/or organizations for their outstanding service and for their dedication to further the administration of justice. The criteria is broad but generally recognizes those who have promoted a better understanding of the rule of law; encouraged a greater respect for law and the courts; stimulated a sense of civic responsibility; and contributed to good government in the community. These awards have been presented by the Circuit Court of Lake County since 1996. The recipients of the award are selected by a vote of the sitting circuit judges of Lake County.
The 2015 Liberty Bell Awards will be presented at the Lake County Bar Association meeting at Waukegan City Hall at 12:15 p.m. on Tuesday, April 28, 2015.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Sew In Reminder notice!!!

Sewing Etc., Tuesday, April 21 is our next sew-in.... If you have a pattern, I'm bringing along some RWB's for cutting. We'll have a couple GO cutters and dies there for your cutting "pleasure". Also have some bundling to do...we'll be busy!! See you around 10 AM.
Rita  ***no rest for the wicked!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 25......Save the date and/or tell a friend

Sew Generously, 3341 W Main St., St. Charles is hosting a Quilts of Valor Day, Saturday, April 25. at 10 AM. Followed by an informative speech on how the quilts are distributed and how one can get involved, from 11 - 3 PM you can stop in to make a block or two for a string quilt Sew Generously will be putting together.  Join us for a cup of coffee, some treats and a little time to learn about a worthwhile cause.  Bring along any red white and blue fabric you have in your stash that you are willing to donate.  (Prefer not to have florals as many of the recipients are men)  All "Because of the Brave" quilt fabric will be on sale!  If you want to make a quilt of your own or just know someone who would appreciate a quilt made of this fabric, this is a great time to stock up!  Please call 630-444-1504 to let them know if you will be attending the 10:am presentation or staying to sew a block.

Elgin April Sew In

Elgin reports they were very busy on  Tuesday.  Here are some pics:

Monday, April 13, 2015


Well, we have our first show of the year under our belt!  I want to thank all who helped at the booth, setting up and taking down!!  I've told you before, you sure make my job easier and easier.  This was the first year I didn't have to work all 3 days!!  HMMM, let's see what next year has in store!!!!

I believe we have enough blocks for 1+ quilt top.  Now if someone wants to volunteer to press, trim and put these blocks together, let me know!  We also have star blocks ranging in size 11.5 - 12.5.  I have lots of ideas for those...but I like to see the creative juices flowing!

Our next QOV Sew-in is next Tuesday, Yorkville...Sewing Etc.

Our next booth---we have two dates for the Farmers Market at the Transportation Center in Aurora.

Then comes the Batavia Quilt & Textile Show...July 17-19.  Now that is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I can't do both Saturday AND Sunday, so want to earn money for your sew-in area, let me know.

So, again, thank you for what you do for our veterans.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Sewing Expo

Day one at the Sewing Expo in Schaumburg not bad at all for a "slow" day! You know you find a whole lot of people find time for a patriotic booth!!  Loved watching the kids making blocks!

Now, the story of GETTING to the show is another story! Yikes to those who make that travel to work every morning. Amanda Davis, Patty Harrer, hope you're feeling better. Thank you Debby Frane, Marilyn Swinkin Lichtenstein and Cheryl. Today with the grands and back to the show tomorrow.

Those who stopped by the show looking for a sew-in location...thank you for your interest in QOV.  The locations are located on the right side of this blog.  Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April sew in....Prairie Shop Quilt

Here is our sew-and tell from yesterday!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Sew In ... Batavia ...tomorrow, April 7

It's  been quite a busy week here.  Got home last Monday.  QOV related...sorting and folding fabric, dispersing such so we can get our garage back!  But hope everyone had a Great Easter weekend.

We gather again tomorrow for a sew-in at Prairie Shop Quilts, Batavia.   We are getting down to our last strips.  We have "chunks" of yardage, so start looking for a pattern you would like to work on, figure out how much yardage you will need (be sure to adjust pattern accordingly and if you need help, let me know).  I'm thinking by May or June, you'll let me know what you need and I'll bring yardage in, you can get the fabric, cut out the pattern and make up your kit!  In the meantime, I still have stars, I have strips (2 1/2", 3 1/2", 4 1/2", 5 1/2")...if you find a pattern to use those, again, let me know.  Also, if you have scraps from a project, if they are small, considering cutting them into 5 1/2", 4 1/2", 3 1/2", or 2 1/2" squares to be used on future projects.  That would help considerably.

We have a booth at the Sewing and Quilt Expo, Schaumburg this weekend.  Thank you to those who are helping at the booth.

See you tomorrow!