Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Most Productive and a NICE treat!

We had a very productive day today. I haven't fully unpacked, but I believe we have 10 finished tops (need backings and ready for the quilters) and I know quite a few went home for finishing. The treat was 7 completed tops came in the door from the Elmhurst Piecemakers!!! They were beautiful and the quilting was awesome as well!!! Thank you! It was a great show-n-tell. NOT to forget the lunch provided by! And thank you Kay as well---over and above the top!!

I hope to post pictures tomorrow cause tonight I get to babysit my new little granddaughter!!

Thank you ladies. It was a pleasure AGAIN!! We do Make a Difference!!!



Vixanna said...

I am Glad to see that you had a great day - sorry I could not be with you because of the long drive involved. I as well as the group of ladies in Beloit hope to deliver a large amount of quilts to you by the end of November. Thank God for a great day and another day of keeping our troops safe.

Caron Carlson said...

Think positive, Vicki....we'll be delivering to you. Rockford will be covered