Thank you!

Thank you!
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

QOV Newsletter

Check it out. It's a nice read and in there they ask for ideas on what we do on a local level. You know I've been thinking about writing in what we do and how it all started and how we've progressed! I truly believe it's just: great people who work wonderfully together. And to tie that in with Thanksgiving.......I am so thankful for everyone who has stepped up.

These last couple months have been "trying" for lack of a better word. Our usual request for the January RWW Program was compounded with a request from Rockford for 170 quilts for 3 returning troops to be welcomed home in January as well. Can we do it? That's 250 quilts! Well, you know what......we're VERY close and I think we can. Been doing a lot of binding and I'm thinking December will have its fill as well and we'll have a ceremony to go to in January and be very proud!

It's been mentioned to me, "are we just giving quilts to everyone now?". Well, I'll quote from the QOV Newsletter: ARE YOU AWARE: Armed service members undergo tremendous stress to leave family, friends, career and country when they are deployed, stress that is beyond civilian capacity to comprehend.
Remember, we give quilts to our heroes who not only have been "injured" physically, but mentally as well.



Vixanna said...

Way to go Rita - Rockford/Beloit is very thankful for all the help in trying to reach the goal of 170 for our local returning troops and to further support the efforts of Rita's group. We are a very strong group of women who support our military and take pride in the way that we do it. Our ladies are the best. Thank you

Caron Carlson said...

Well, #1, it's not "Rita's Group". I live in Illinois as well as the rest of us and we're just all doing this together. I know first hand I could not do it alone. This "group" started with one and I was told once that "not enough tops coming from Illinois". Wisconsin, as close to Great Lakes as we are, has helped tremendously when we've needed help as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...


I was so glad that you called about your work with the Returning Warrior Workshops. I get requests for about the same number of quilts as your group does. We just sent 80 to Birmingham, AL for a Navy RWW. I now have requests for 240 quilts for Marine RWW being held between the end of January and the beginning of April. I am trying to get some groups local to where the RWWs are being held to help. If you have any more ieas please let me know. Let's keep in touch. Sue Wolf, NC Stars of Hope