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Thank you!
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Friday, January 21, 2011


I have about a dozen quilts that need bindings...anyone want one or two or ??, let me know. I also have 10 quilt tops that need quilting..also let me know if you're ready for one or two or ??. We shouldn't be needing these until April.

Probably a good time to make a note of this: When I get a finished top, in order to have accurate information for the label, I have been attaching a little piece of paper with areas for the piecer, donations, and the quilters name. I've received several quilts back without my little "cheat" sheet and I'm at a loss as to who gave me the quilt top and/or who did the quilting. It might be days before I get to making the labels and my memory is not as good as it used to be. So, PLEASE, PLEASE leave me with my cheat sheet cause I'd love to give credit where credit is due. Remember, if the quilt top was completely pieced by you (using your own fabrics and not cut by one of us), your name is the sole name put on the quilt at the "Made by: line"; if you've taken a kit or the fabric is cut by one of us, it's "made by: LOLQOV".

An idea to make up these "journals" to be attached in an envelope along with the quilts would be great. Anyone wanting to tackle this job, let me know. Note that on all the labels I make, our blog is included in case a recipient wants to make contact with us.
Thank you,


Bunny said...

I can quilt any tops that you send via Sarah when she comes this way.

Rita P said...

Thanks, Joe. I have been in contact with Sarah and will find out when she is headed your way. If not, I'll come down. How many do you want?