Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

THAT was fun!

Just got back from our monthly sew-in/picnic and haven't made a count yet on what came in. This is the You Tube video that I was telling you about. It is called the "Jelly Roll Race". A few ladies were working on a technique similar to this which will be finished next month. I'm also looking forward to the new technique Wanda showed us today as well.

ok, here are pictures of our first Signature quilts made from blocks that we are getting donations for the purchase of supplies. We have a table on two days at the Farmers Market in Aurora: the Aurora Transportation Center (Saturday mornings from 7:30 AM - noon; and Wednesday afternoons starting tomorrow, July 6 at West Aurora Plaza (2 pm - 6 pm). For any donation, donors are asked to sign a block that we will be making into quilts to be presented to local returning service men and women.

A couple of our ladies took some blocks and had family members and friends sign them and are making a quilt of their own. The completed quilt above was made by Donna. That's one beautiful quilt!

Thank you, ladies. I appreciate all you do to make my job a lot easier--- and believe me, our war veterans appreciate it even more. Even the Viet Nam and Korean War Vets I've met at Farmer's Market give us kudos!! See ya next month...
PS The pattern for our Signature Squares was designed by Bonnie Hunter, named Fourth of July

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