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Thank you!
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I want to send you the report we get from QOVF on the need and shortage of quilts:

Hello Everyone,

This year I would like to keep everyone updated every week on the number of
quilts being assigned to Quilts of Valor weekly and monthly standing

There are six weekly destinations, all overseas, that need 60 quilts EVERY
week in order to cover wounded service members who are either in Afghanistan
or Germany. Last week (1/1-1/7) there were 7 quilts assigned to these
destinations. A shortage of 53 quilts for the week.

There are twelve monthly destinations that need 130 quilts each month (an average of 33 quilts a week). There were 10 available to be assigned to these destinations last week. A shortage of 23 when looking at the weekly average needed. One destination is overseas, four are wounded warrior transition battalions, another four are VA medical centers and the other three treat service members affected in various ways by their time in the war zone.

We also have one new weekly destination that is not yet included in these numbers. The Point of Contact (POC) is a Medevac pilot with the 82nd Airborne deployed in Eastern Afghanistan. He is operating on the Pakistani border and personally transports an average of 5 wounded service members each week.

For the month of December we were 173 quilts short of the needed quantity for the weekly and monthly destinations. ..

Thank you for helping to cover those touched by war.

Marcella Pirner-Cormier, Destination Coordinator

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