Thank you!

Thank you!
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Monday, July 9, 2012

QOV Policy Change

The following policy change has been sent to us: There has been a policy change at VA Hospitals that say there cannot be any personally identifiable information on any quilts. The labels on the quilts and, if included, journals cannot have last names, cities or email addresses. This also includes signature blocks in the quilts themselves. This is what was sent to us from the VA Hospitals: “PLEASE DO NOT put any personal information on the label or in the journals. Voluntary Services will cross out any last names, phone numbers, and addresses with a LARGE THICK BLACK MARKER.” In light of this policy change at the VA Hospitals, QOVF will make this change for all quilts being donated in the name of Quilts of Valor so that we can be consistent wherever the quilts will be sent. Please understand that the QOVF has no control over the policies put in place by the VA system. We can only abide by them so we can continue to provide honor and comfort to our service members and veterans. The information contained on will be updated as soon as possible to reflect these changes.

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