Thank you!

Thank you!
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Great Show!

Oh, I hope you were able to attend the show this weekend.  I did see some of you linger for hours.  I was there for two days and I wonder if I really saw all the quilts!  It's a biannual show...our guild starts planning for the next one right away!

For LOLQOV, we had some machine quilters step up and take 13 quilt tops!!  A lot of women (and men) taking the handouts for the Basic Information, our monthly sew-ins and the handout on the upcoming sew-ins in Winfield and Westmont.  More hands--less work for the rest of us!!  And our troops get covered!  I also enjoyed putting some faces to the names of some of our machine quilters  who pick up tops at the shop.  Some stopped by as well.  I hate that I'm getting worse at remembering names, so ya just might have to remind me...again and again.  Don't get me started on the "golden" years!

Oh, and we had a couple presentations...two Vietnam veterans.  That was was spontaneous and I am so glad that members of my guild were able to witness.  I get what does a quilt do for them?  Well, ya just have to experience a presentation to really know.   I really wasn't prepared.  Brought quilts for the display but didn't have any pillowcases with me.  Well, we had a QOV dropped off and it was neat that she got to see whom her quilt went to.  Hope to get a picture or two from someone to be able to post.

So, onto getting the kits ready for the sew-in October 30th.

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