Thank you!

Thank you!
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Whew, what a week and I'm into another

Well, we did great at the quilt show this past weekend.  For some reason, I came home sick Saturday night.  Was all good for a nice Mothers Day Brunch on Sunday though.  Happy belated Mothers Day.  Don't mind me, I'm in wedding mode pretty much full time now!  I'm still bummed that I can't load pictures like I used to.   Was told I needed to get a Picassa account which I doubt I will ...time!!   I know what I ought to do is put up a "Help wanted list" and see if someone can take over some of these duties.  I don't have to be at every sew-in.   How about if some of you great quilters step up with one of your favorite patterns, come by and choose fabric if you'd like and "host" a monthly sew-in!

Speaking of which:  Suzie is doing just that for the June 4 (Batavia) sew-in.  Remember the pattern:  Arrowhead, by Anita Solomon Grossman.  Print it up if you'd like to participate.

Thank you SO much, Dixie and Suzie for your help yesterday at the cut-in!  We got a lot of cutting done...anyone want to help assemble kits?

Next Tuesday, we meet for our Yorkville sew-in at Sewing Etc.
ok, enough rambling...back to the wedding dress!

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