Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Monday, June 10, 2013


Well, we made it home Saturday night.  Wedding was very nice.  Enjoyed our trip back driving thru the mountains!  This is one great beautiful country!

Heard you had a great sew-in last Tuesday.  If you happen to complete your top, would you mind dropping it off at the shop. Anita Grossman is our guest speaker at guild this month.  I had requested her permission to use the pattern for our sew-in and it would be nice to show her what we did.

Came home to more boxes of strips.  So, if you let me know what colors you would like to play with, let me know and I'll pull them...getting too heavy for me to bring them all in.

Susie had a nice presentation on Saturday. Thank you, Cpl Gene for your service.  I am still unable to post pictures.  I will share the thank you note I got from his mother, Diana:  On behalf of my family we wanted to thank you again.  The quilt is beautiful. He was very impressed.    You All do such beautiful work.    One has to pull pictures from a Picassa account and I don't have one.  I had a presentation when we were on vacation.  I presented a QOV to a Vietnam Vet, Ken R.

If you contacted me while I was away and I promised to get to it when I return and you have yet to hear from me, send me a reminder.

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