Thank you!

Thank you!
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Catching up

Had a really nice "catching up" sew in in Yorkville, Tuesday.  Everyone was working on unfinished projects.  Need to do that from time to time!

Remember the sew-in last April?  Well, here is a blurb of what they have been up to and some pictures: 
On Saturday 12 ladies from Bethlehem and Christ the Lord Lutheran churches in Elgin got together to wrap up our Joining Hands in Gratitude project from April 13th sew-in making Quilts of Valor. Ten quilts were labelled and bound and most have pillowcases and Thank You notes.
We still have seven more to complete of the ones Patty pieced over the winter.  Four are with the LA Quilter "Chris" from Antioch which we will get back the first weekend in November.  Patty has three that she is prepping with batting and backing.
Also I have 6 quilts from the group of 9 from Pat I. that I'm working on binding.

 Thank you, Ladies.  What a finish!

oops, found another photo in my camera.  This is Susie's version of Sunny the border!!  VERY good use of them triangle cut offs.

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