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Thank you!
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Friday, February 28, 2014

Schaumburg Quilt Show booth March 27-29, 2014

I wish I could remember everyone who came up to me asking if we were going to be in the Schaumburg Quilt Show this year.  Well I had said no, haven't been'll probably be last minute.   Yesterday I got an email, we are  in if we want to,

As part of the agreement for a booth, the guild is to help provide Ambassadors for the Expo. They ask that I  put out a request to sign up to help as Ambassadors at the upcoming OSQE in Schaumburg, Illinois this March.  They are in need of people who can help as Tickets Scanner, Greeters, Lobby Hosts, Make It Center Assistants and more.  Ambassadors that can help for 4 hours of time – more or less depending on their availability – Wednesday afternoon through Saturday.  Many positions start as early as 8am and they need people into the afternoon and evening as well.

So, I need to know if you want to do this.  You are directed to sign up online or call Kari at the phone number.  Oh, and of course we will need help in manning and setting up the booth. 

"Please request that each person fill out an Ambassador Application on our website   and specific your guild to receive credit. If you or your members have any questions  - please call my direct line is 440-899-3973."

This is how we raise funds for our expenses...fabric, batting, etc, etc.  please consider helping.  Let me know or leave your name with Suzie so I can let them know if we will be there.

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