Thank you!

Thank you!
Thank a Veteran each and every day

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thank you

Well, you got me today.  I must tell you, it is very hard for anyone to surprise me.  Today you did it!  I do find it hard to feel deserving cause none of this is possible without all the help I get from Each and every one of you.  I looked around the filled-to-capacity room...yeah, 27 today!!!, I thought there is a place for everyone of you.  At any time I can approach someone, and ask for something, it gets done.  I.e., today, Dixie looking for 3 people, and what, we had 5 with their hands up to cut.  Another, I remember announcing we need pillowcases, wella!   we got pillowcases!  Working the booths...Run a sew in, do a demo...I could go on, but you know what I am talking about..thank you.

Leader?  What, like I said today, I'm getting quilts with patterns that are on MY bucket  list!  And you are making them.  Yes, I make a block here and then cause you see how "pulled" I get at our sew ins!  And thank you for putting up with me!  I have heard how you talk to someone/anyone who asks what we are doing, either at our sew ins, or at a booth at a show, the QOV are doing it!  I have seen and heard how you can bring a quilt shopper into our "reigns"! It amazes me how we manage to get newbies every month!  You are doing it. You make my job so easy AND fun .

Thank you for your generosity..going to be hard not to use for QOV!  I really enjoy what I do because of each of you.  I can start naming names but wouldn't want to miss anyone.  The veterans are special and I know we share that.  I know we share our love of our freedom.  So, we carry on and with our love of quilting, reaching out to those who make it happen with our quilts.

Thank you for bringing my husband in today.  Our men deserve so much credit for their support.  I've mentioned some of what he does here ..he's the best!

I hope someday you will be able to meet Catherine Roberts.  You will really like her.

Well, I had forgotten my camera today.  There are pictures on our Facebook page.  I will try to email to myself the pictures I took with my iPad,.  Thank you again and again.  Very special today.

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